Your Meetings Have Never Been Easier

OnBoard makes sure you’re always ready for the meeting. You never read an outdated board book. And all you need to login is a touch of your finger. It’s that easy.

  • Fastest Board Book

    Drag and drop your documents to instantly create your board book. Six clicks to create a board book.

  • Live Integration with Microsoft Office

    Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents are built directly into your board book. Take meeting minutes in Word and they instantly appear in OnBoard. It’s like magic.

  • Never Read an Outdated Board Book

    Instant real-time syncing so everyone is on the same page. Last minute changes no longer result in printing nightmares.

  • Touch ID Support

    Securely login to OnBoard with just the touch of your thumb, utilizing Touch ID Technology.

  • Secure Electronic Voting

    Hold your votes directly within OnBoard. It records the results and creates an exportable record of every decision a board makes.

So you can simply get business done

Your board book takes just seconds to create. You’re always in compliance. Your data is always encrypted. You’re always in good hands.

  • It's So Easy

    Easy to use, two-thirds of directors just pick it up – without any training. Should anyone need it, unlimited support, unlimited training.

  • Always in Compliance

    Never worry about legal compliance. RSVP, Voting, and every meeting record is always stored. Never altered.

  • Bulletproof Level Security

    Data is always encrypted data. On your device, on upload, on download. Around the clock monitoring to prevent intrusion and DDoS attacks.

  • 24/7 U.S. Based Support

    Unlimited 24/7 support, direct from our headquarters. You will get immediate help from a team that takes prides in their 100% satisfaction rating.

  • Mitigate Discoverability Risk

    Control board materials and communications to mitigate discoverability risk. Remote purge capability and maintain a clean archived copy.

  • Fits The Way You Work

    Live integreation with Microsoft Office documents, for your real-time meeting needs. On the web and on your iPad. Wherever you are, online or off. 

“For our business requirements it was about ease of use, security, and cost, and all three of those considerations working together.”

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  • - Randy Blackburn
  • Executive Vice President & COO, Pan American Bank
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New and Noteworthy

Your business doesn’t take a break. Neither does OnBoard. See what’s coming up.

"All documents are in one spot and no one has to remember who emailed what or where any documents are. They can quickly reference the one location easily."

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  • - Amy Sink
  • CEO of Interra Credit Union
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Simple Pricing



Per Month

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  • $10/user/mo
  • Unlimited meetings
  • 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern U.S. based phone support
  • Comprehensive support for directors and administrators through email, help center, and online community



Per Month

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  • $15/user/mo
  • All features and benefits included with Essential
  • Unlimited meetings for as many groups as you need
  • 24x7 emergency phone support for administrators
  • Unlimited training
  • One-on-one administrator training



Per Month

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  • $25/user/mo
  • All features and benefits included with Professional
  • Complete integration between OnBoard and Microsoft Office
  • Access to all future product features at no additional cost
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated one-on-one training with all directors and administrators
  • Direct and prioritized input into new features and product development
  • Are you a non-profit? Ask us about special pricing offers.
  • Contact us for additional details, promotions, terms, and pricing conditions.

“OnBoard is visually easy to navigate. I am able to put the board books together so quickly, I am able to do in an hour or less what used to literally take 5 to 6 hours.”

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  • - Lisa Boaz
  • Administrative Assistant, RushShelby Energy
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