OnBoard's Benefits

Energy companies of all sizes trust OnBoard to make every meeting easy. It streamlines board meetings. It enhances the efficacy and effectives of commitee meetings. No matter your size, we offer unprecedented support and training for every single member. We will be there when you create your first board book. We will get your meetings off the ground. We make sure your company sees how easy meetings can be with OnBoard. So that you can focus on powering the future of your industry.

The Company We Keep

“OnBoard is visually easy to navigate, they enjoy jumping page to page, they like having the ability to access achieved copies with just a touch... I am able to put the board books together so quickly, I am able to do in an hour or less what used to literally take 5 to 6 hours.”

  • - Lisa Boaz
  • Administrative Assistant, RushShelby Energy
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