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Passageways was founded in 2002, in the residence hall of Purdue University. Born from the idea that the best work demands grit, determination, and collaboration. We’ve never been accused of thinking small. Our story is written in bold. Punctuated by the 12,000+ teams and 2,000+ organizations that use our products every day.

But it's not just about the work. This is a family. Albeit a fast growing family. Sometimes idioms are true: you can't purchase more time. So we make sure it's never dull, never tedious – so that when we go home, we're reinvigorated for tomorrow.

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We Are The
Passageways Family

What sets us apart, what drives us are our people and their resulting ideas. Passageways is a fast growing technology disruptor based out of Indianapolis and Chicago. We believe by drawing on the diverse group of innovators that Purdue and Indianapolis attracts, we can continue to build products that push organizations toward the future.

We're Good Neighbors

We are committed to weaving a collaborative, philanthropic spirit into the very fabric of our daily lives. That is why Passageways has joined Pledge 1% – a movement to inspire individuals and companies to donate their time, product, and profit to charitable causes throughout their community and across the globe.

Our goal is to make giving back the new standard through cooperative community outreach and demonstrating a commitment beyond ourselves – that is what it means to be a Pathfinder.

We're People


We Do Amazing Work, Together.

Great Place to Work

Do Your Life’s Best Work at Passageways

Passageways is a collaborative culture where all key decisions, from product designs to our go-to-market strategy, to even our office design, are the result of our teams evolving our best ideas. We have assembled a pool of talent who are crazy smart, and get to leverage the best tools in the industry to engineer products that improve our customers lives. Our customer experience is everyone’s Chief Preoccupation.

From The Board Room to The Break Room

For twenty years, we’ve built products that connect people and enable teams to do their best work. Passageways’ OnSemble business unit has been essential to that mission, engineering and deploying world-class intranets that connect employees, inspire ideas, and bring culture to life.

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We have job openings all over the world. Join us.





We're In The News

Read what’s hot off the press at our news center.

And We've Won Some Awards
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And We're Pretty Cool Too

The people at Passageways are cool. Like really cool. As cold as a server room. And we embody that room; we love life, we love the Passageways family, we love having fun, helping our community, and getting up every day to see each other.

From the dorm room to the board room, we are leading a collaboration revolution. There’s no stopping us.

Task Management

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