We Inspire and Enable Teams to Perform Better, Together.

We do that by delivering a remarkable collaborative experience
by leveraging technology, talent, and insightful analytics.

Our Story

From our beginnings in the dorm room of Purdue University where two friends began brainstorming a better collaboration platform, through the past decade, we know that through promoting collaboration and providing tools that make collaborating easier, an ordinary group of people can transform into a team. A decade of serving our customers and working with our community has taught us the true importance of teamwork. For us, collaboration isn't a buzzword; it's our mission. We are out to make our world more collaborative, one organization at a time. If you are looking for a passionate and creative team, you are at the right place.

Our Culture

We value social responsibility and believe that happy employees make for the best colleagues. That’s what allows us to focus on our customer's success. We are passionate, authentic, honest, fun, innovative, people who never give up, who are dedicated and efficient, and above all remarkable human beings. We are Pathfinders.

We Care About Giving Back

At Passageways, we believe in giving back to those around us. Our altruism can be seen ingrained deep within each department of Passageways. Passageways has taken the pledge to give 1% of our products, 1% of our time, and 1% of revenue to worthy, charitable causes. Our mission is to make our world more collaborative, not because we think it's a good goal, but because we believe it's the best way we can help our world become a better place.

We've Won Some Awards

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