We Pledge To Give Back 1%

We are committed to weaving a collaborative, philanthropic spirit into the very fabric of our daily lives. That is why Passageways has joined Pledge 1% – a movement to inspire individuals and companies to donate their time, product, and profit to charitable causes throughout their community and across the globe. Our goal is to make giving back the new standard through cooperative community outreach and demonstrating a commitment beyond ourselves – that is what it means to be a Pathfinder.

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Volunteer Time

We Give Back 1% of our time – – volunteer time off allows Pathfinders the chance to help the charities they care most about.

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Each year we donate OnBoard to 5 nonprofits making a difference in their communities.

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Pledge Profit


We Give Back 1% of our Profits to charities making an impact.

Over $100,00 Given Back to Charities.

Pledge 1% Spotlight 🔦

A Year of Giving

Our efforts throughout 2019 fill us with a sense of pride. From the launch of our nonprofit donation initiative to the impact that pathfinders had on the community, we were able to lend more hours, donate more dollars, and give back more of our product than ever before. Those contributions caught the attention of the Pledge 1% organization, and they were gracious enough to spotlight Passageways’ efforts throughout 2020.

Passageways Spotlight

1% of Product

Your Nomination. Our Donation

We annually donate our OnBoard board meeting solution to 5 worthy nonprofits. This year we want to bring our community into the selection processes, we’re asking you to submit the names of 501(c)(3) nonprofits to receive OnBoard for free.

We want to expand our reach beyond our borders – to the boards of nonprofits we would never know, but whose impact is making a real difference in the communities they serve.

1% of Time

1000+ Hours Volunteered

At Passageways volunteer time off is built directly into our culture of giving (and our employee handbook!) It gives each Pathfinder the opportunity to take off work and help local nonprofits they care deeply about. It’s an investment in the communities we live – with over 1000 hours clocked in since we joined the Pledge 1% movement. Watch how some Pathfinders have given back.

Pathfinder Spotlight

Darcy Thomas

Thanks to Passageways’ Pledge 1% initiative, Darcy Thomas and Raymond Van Hoecke were able to volunteer with Cornerstone Autism Center. So as Christmas neared, they strapped on some big red shoes, put on ruby and emerald coats, and brought cheer to children. Darcy recalls that “Instead of having to find time outside of work, Passageways allowed me to combine my time with them and give it to the kids, It was great because the event is during work hours.”


1% of Profit

Giving Back

Passageways is committed to investing in our community and fostering civic-minded leaders. That’s why we invest both time and money into local charities and nonprofits.

We’ve donated 1% of our profits to organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Purdue University Women in Management Scholarship. We aim to center and amplify the voices of the underserved and create a culture of philanthropy that extends generations.