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Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day has been observed since 1970, and every year more and more people celebrate sustainability by coming up with new ways to conserve Earth’s natural resources. Passageways keeps track of how many pages of paper OnBoard has saved for each and everyone of our clients. Since our launch, Passageways has saved an astounding 54,556,107 pages of paper. That’s 30,000,000 million increase since last year.

According to Conservatree, one tree makes 8,333 sheets of paper. To put it into context:

  • In the past year, that’s an average of 95,785 pages of paper per working day
  • Passageways has saved 6547 trees worth of paper
  • On average 22 trees can fit in a Starbucks, so that’s 297 Starbucks worth of trees
  • That’s 14 football fields worth of trees
  • This year we have more than doubled pages of paper saved

When OnBoard was released we knew that it would have an impact on our small blue home. We just didn’t know how big that impact would be. Passageways plans to continue this effort to conserve paper and create a sustainable culture. We say thank you to customers that have helped us with this process! Happy Earth Day!

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