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  • November 20, 2015
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OnBoard Board Meetings

Lafayette, IN, November 20, 2015 – Passageways, the leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration software, is pleased to announce new features for OnBoard board portal. OnBoard makes board meetings easy. It’s the world’s most intuitive multiplatform digital boardroom solution. Built with a powerful yet minimalistic design. OnBoard removes the stress of board meetings so you can focus on your business.

This week, OnBoard Connect for Office was released. By leveraging the Microsoft Office API, OnBoard Connect for Office allows users to directly link Office documents within their software. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint integrate within the OnBoard framework allowing users to simply collaborate on board materials. This direct connection results in an amazingly easy and seamless way to connect OnBoard with the most powerful desktop productivity tools.

The feature automatically works. Just start working on an Office document. Make a change and it will instantly upload those materials into OnBoard and distribute them to your Directors. Users can take minutes in Word and they will instantly be ready for review and approval. They can adjust and append last minute changes for board book directly from Microsoft Word. Adjusting financial data from Excel during a meeting will instantly be reflected for everyone to review. And if that new financial data makes a chart in your PowerPoint incorrect, it’s easier than ever to revise your presentation to reflect the new data.

“OnBoard connect for Office really opens up possibilities that we can’t yet foresee. Taking minutes in Word and automatically uploading them to your board portal is a feature we have long heard was missing from the market. But we also imagine seamlessly editing financial documents during the meeting,” said Anne Wertz, Passagways Vice President of Customer Service. “We anticipate our users will find new and imaginative possibilities we can’t yet foresee. This really makes OnBoard different than any other product in the market.”

OnBoard Connect for Office is now available. Ready to make your board meetings easy? Start a free trial today: https://www.passageways.com/board-portal/trial-request

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