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David Alder, Director of Product Management for OnBoard, delivered the OnBoard keynote that focused on innovative features and an expanded suite of devices. He began with a look back, to give insight into how OnBoard has changed in the past year. Those changes were user-driven, substantive additions to the product, including:

  • Restructured Resource tab to Include Folders and Permissions
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Ubiquity Across Platforms Through Responsive Design
  • Global Data Centers and a Global User Base

Those advances brought with them an opportunity to expand OnBoard, opening new possibilities and features. The key among them is increased mobility, moving from devices to devices. Not just meaning access to business software on your cell phone, but what we want to create is a truly mobile experience. We expect to use our iPhone and when we move to a desktop or tablet, that all the information is immediately there. To experience this seamlessness, we unveiled the Universal Windows Platform version of OnBoard. 

This advance means that under a single universal platform, OnBoard will be available across all Windows devices. Surface tablets, Windows phones, and a dedicated Windows App. It means faster rollout of features. It means everything you expect from OnBoard across more devices, integrated together.

This tighter integration and expansion of platforms also meant rethinking our iOS experience. A new design. Not only for the iPad, but a universal OnBoard app across iPhone and iPad, with the same universal experience. 

This vision for OnBoard isn’t limited to expanded devices and new designs. It includes the highly requested survey feature. You can do board assessments, with more than just Yes, No, and Abstain. You’ll be able to create opinion polls, ask the board when the best time for the next meeting may be or simply determine lunch preferences. It also means e-signatures, offering directors a way to sign documents directly from within the app.

Here’s the upshot: All these features, plus a new iPhone app, a redesigned iPad app, and the new Universal Windows Platform of OnBoard, will all be available in the next two to three months. We launched a beta of the new OnBoard 2.0 app across iOS devices, and gave PowWOW attendees a chance to get some hands-on experience.

As an added bonus, OnBoard Web will soon align with the look & feel of the new applications, so you and your directors will share the same experience regardless of the platform. This transformation will include annotations that can be seen across all platforms. No longer will your directors iPad annotations be isolated to the iPad. With the 2.0 version of OnBoard, you will be able to use any application or the web and see all your notes and annotations.

This is an extremely exciting time for OnBoard, with dozens of new features, new platforms, and a better user experience imminent. Get ready for something amazing.

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