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West Lafayette, Indiana : 2011 to date has seen Passageways reach quite a few important milestones.  Passageways team continues to see record new portal sales throughout 2011 including: 

  • In September 2011, Passageways signed its 250th enterprise customer
  • Passageways  has added 57 new customers in 2011, already surpassing the 40 new customers it added in 2010
  • Few new customers are in the overseas markets. Passageways now serves organizations in US, Canada, Caribbean Islands and Russia.

“What is exciting is the fact that in our 2011 mid-year customer feedback survey, ratings improved by 19.4% compared to 2010, so we have continued to record revenue growth and more importantly seen our customer satisfaction grow”, says Paroon Chadha, Co-Founder- Passageways.
Passageways has invested significantly in three key areas over the last few months:

  1. Increased Technical Support Team Strength: Passageways has doubled its technical support team strength from 2010. With new Pathfinders finishing their on-boarding, this will continue to improve the service response times.
  2. Improved Product Quality: While Passageways continues to bring the best and most relevant solutions to the market, it has reinforced both its quality assurance team and their quality assurance tools.
  3. Revamping Passageways Consulting Offering: Passageways has just finished revamping its consulting practice to better handle the increased scale. With new streamlined processes this team will help customers and partners to use its consulting services to extend the Passageways platform.

“We expect tangible results from these investments to show up in the near future. We are also excited to share the tremendous success of several new initiatives such as an online Customer Community (CommuniTree), an Ideas Collaboration Site, New Training Resources Site and Customer Focus Groups that we introduced recently”, says Christopher Beltran, Co-Founder – Passageways.
 “We hope the market continues to share our optimism about the future as we amplify our efforts to provide the very best in products and the highest level of service”, adds Chadha.

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