• By: Passageways
  • January 28, 2015
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Touch ID TechnologyThis week we released the latest version of OnBoard. Passageways’ mission is to respond to our customers needs, to lead the market for purpose built board portal solutions. With every release we strive for better business outcomes. This latest release of OnBoard furthers our core design philosophy, to make board portal software that is Easy, Powerful, and Secure.

The iPad release is forthcoming and will include several new convenience features, making the experience easier for users than ever before. OnBoard is now powered with Apple’s Touch ID, streamlining the login system and making your board materials just a touch away. Further, users will now have the ability to update their profile details directly from the app. So as information changes, end users can update their information across platforms. We are also providing users the ability to hide their personal annotation. This allows anyone to present a section without having to share their personal or confidential notes. Lastly, OnBoard has added the ability to review profile details directly from your iPad.

The need for collaboration and execution is at the heart of all boards. To accomplish these tasks, teamwork and understanding are the key to success. We are really excited about hearing how our release leads to better board meetings. So please share your experiences.

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Passageways builds collaboration software that helps people do meaningful work, from the board of directors through to the team and people who do today’s indispensable work. OnBoard is a board governance solution, designed to improve collaboration for directors and administrators throughout the complete meeting life cycle. OnSemble's an Employee Intranet that connects an entire workplace to one central collaboration hub, builds your culture, and inspires employee engagement.