Advanced Meeting Preparation

Reliable and accurate information is essential for modern board governance. Reports at the 11th hour and last-minute changes creates uncertainty about the correct version, leading to wasted meeting time spent getting everyone up to speed.

Advanced Meeting Prep 3

Go the Extra Mile Before Meetings

What if you could stop last-minute changes? With OnBoard you can partially publish the board book and give your directors more time to review throughout the meeting cycle. That helps directors become better prepared and have the confidence that their information is reliable and up-to-date.


Offline Access

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Drag & Drop Book Builder

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Notes & Annotations

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Any Device Access


Real-Time Notifications

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Meeting Brief Emails


Real-Time Information on Every Device

You’ll always have access to your upcoming meetings alongside a complete archive of every past meeting. Together with real-time information that makes meeting preparation more reliable, context-rich, and useful than ever before. And when everyone is better prepared? Well, you’ll find your board discussions are more thoughtful and engaging than ever before.

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CEOs & Executives

Preparation Leads to Smarter Meetings

Your board needs reliable, timely, and accurate information. That’s only possible with a platform that delivers real-time information access. That equips directors to arrive with prereads absorbed. It ensures your meetings don’t get stuck on presentations and reviews. Instead, everyone is engaged, thinking longterm, and making smart decisions.


With a Little Help From My Friends

Take the pain out of creating an agenda and assembling meeting materials with the power of co-authoring. Anyone on your team can help you create meetings, upload materials, and send new agenda sections to the board — you can even publish just part of the board book. That saves you time and promises your board faster and more reliable information.

Gary Lehman, Purdue Trustee

"Timely, Convenient, and Accurate Information."

“When I first got involved with the University, I realized there was an awful lot of reading and background information. Books easily could get to 200-300 pages. We don’t want anything that was put together 30 days ago, or even two weeks ago. We want to know whether these numbers were correct as of yesterday. We can do a much better job with a product like OnBoard, it gets us information in a timely manner that’s convenient and accurate up to the second.”

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Data-Driven Meetings

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Business Continuity
Business Continuity

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Remote Governance 2
Remote Governance

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Multi-Board & Committees

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