Advanced Meeting Preparation

Think Big Before The Big Meeting

Better meetings occur when information arrives sooner, directors are provided the tools to think deeply, and executives arrive ready to answer any questions. OnBoard is powered by a complete suite of preparation tools that make thinking through dense information easier. So when your meeting starts, you’re ready to dive deep and think long-term.

Advanced Meeting Prep 2

Better Preparation Creates Candid Conversation

OnBoard helps get your board better and more reliable information. Creating space for candid conversation and long-term thinking at your next board meeting.

Productive Employees

Faster, More Reliable, Information

Week-old information doesn’t work in a world where real-time information is vital. That’s why OnBoard helps administrator build meeting fast and send only the materials ready for review.

Access Materials Offline, Anywhere

Directors always have access to upcoming meetings alongside a complete archive of every past meeting. Best of all, it’s all accessible offline and on every device.

Tools That Help You Think Smarter

With advanced tools like synced notes, sharable annotations, and a secure messenger, OnBoard helps directors think critically and communicate seamlessly before the meeting starts.

Real-Time Sync Between Every Device You Love

Like everything else in OnBoard, notes and annotations automatically sync between devices in real-time. So you can start your agenda review from your phone and pick up right where you left off on your iPad. It’s like magic.

Lightning Fast Agenda Builder

OnBoard’s agenda builder is the fastest meeting creation tool, period. Drag and drop, every file-type enabled, template powered, cloning capable, document organizing, decision tracking, powerhouse.

Engagement Analytics from OnBoard on mobile

Work Together & Get Information Out Sooner

You don’t need to play the middle-man with OnBoard. Get information to your directors faster by distributing board book responsibilities. Anyone can help upload, create, and manage a meeting. So when the finance report is ready, the CFO can just upload it instead of filling your inbox.

Get Started With OnBoard

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