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For over 15 years we’ve worked with credit unions every day to create solutions that solve their challenges. OnBoard was born from this work – from our start with an investment from Purdue Federal Credit Union to being used in hundreds of credit union boardrooms nationwide; we are the only board meeting solution designed with credit unions in mind.

#1 Governance

Choice For Credit Unions

Your credit union has a lot to worry about. What you shouldn’t have to worry about is whether your board has enough time to govern effectively. To make smart decisions that can impact your community and the world. Time savings—the result of improved collaboration before and during a meeting—is the single most important benefit OnBoard provides for your credit union.

With OnBoard your credit unions board book access becomes amazingly intuitive, archives are readily accessible, votes can easily be taken, minutes entered, all so you have time to devote to thoughtful deliberations.

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“I loaded actual board books into OnBoard, and it was by far the easiest to use, it required the least number of steps, the least number of clicks… I thought from a user standpoint it was very easy to use, I thought it would be really easy for the board to grasp.”

- Tracy Thomas, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Visions Federal Credit Union

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OnBoard Agenda
Designed for Credit Union Directors to

Make Meetings Better

Fits The Way You Work

Read, review, and annotate your board materials and notes as it suits your work-life style. Anywhere, anytime, and on any device: web app, iPhone, iPad, laptop, Kindle Fire, and Windows Surface. You can also easily vote, secure approvals, answer surveys and questionnaires.

Search, Notes, & Annotations

Easily add your thoughts and changes by highlighting, touching, and typing. Your notes and ideas are always accessible, private, searchable, and synced across all your devices.


Participants have a single place to access their most pertinent materials. Quickly examining upcoming meetings, board materials, and announcements.

Outlook Integration

Right from your email RSVP to your next meeting and vote on approvals. When you're on the go, just boot up the email platform you already use to get work done.

Perfect for Every Meeting

OnBoard was engineered to deliver performance, security, and simplicity for every meeting in your organization. From your committee meetings to the boardroom, OnBoard improves governance at every step.

Designed for Credit Union Administrators

Build Better Boards

Fastest Board Book Builder

OnBoard allows you to create an intelligent agenda: you can set time parameters for each section, who should speak, and attach approvals and key documents to each agenda section.

Industry Leading Support

Unlimited 24/7 support, direct from our headquarters in the U.S. You will get immediate help from a team that takes prides in their 100% satisfaction rating.

Any File Just Works

Whether your board needs a complex spread sheet or just to the facts PDF, you can connect any type of file to your board book: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Google Docs, One Drive, YouTube, and more.

Resource Center

Place the annual report, corporate policies, bylaws, corporate charter, and all your key documents into a central location that's always one click away.

Live integration With Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents can be built directly into your board book. Take meeting minutes in Word and they instantly appear in OnBoard.

Real-Time Syncing

Pressing save was a byproduct of early hardware and software design. With OnBoard, as multiple people collaborate together, the board book builds and updates in real-time. Never lose your work. Never override a previous versions.

iPad Voting

“We house on OnBoard our reference information, everything from bylaws to directories to our ethics policies, so it’s a great central source... I find myself, personally, often going back and referring to previous board packets that contain information I want to see, for comparison purposes, or to jog my memory.”

David Mooney, President and CEO, Alliant Federal Credit Union

“We were dealing with a group of board members who were highly engaged, executives at their own companies, and we needed to get them information in real-time, quickly, that they could use anywhere, not just during our meetings."

- David Mooney, President and CEO, Alliant Federal Credit Union

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