OnBoard Engagement Analytics

Make Data Driven Decisions.

Engagement Analytics offers real-time insights into how your board works. Know when board books are read, where annotations are made, and what sections are receiving the most attention from the board. It makes meetings smarter by bringing data to bear, shining light on topics that demand an extended discussion.
Analytics offers insight into when the meeting was viewed and by what role.

Know What's Big
Before the Big Meeting.

Engagement Analytics prepares directors to better engage with board materials before meetings. It provides insight into which agenda sections are receiving the most attention and where stakeholders are making significant notes and annotations. It’s clear-eyed data that guides directors to important details and interesting topics. 

Data To Guide The Board.

Administrators have new information at their fingertips to help the board like never before. Bring new details to the board’s attention shaped by data on what directors are engaging with. These insights are a perfect way to support the board’s planning and research for each meeting. 

Book Section
Analytics shines a light on when board books are read and what sections receive the most attention.
Annotations created
Each OnBoard agenda can now offer anonymous data on what sections receive the most notes.

Make The Most of Your Board's Time.

Engagement Analytics enables executives to optimize the materials they prepare for the board. It equips leadership to be ready with detailed guidance on heavily trafficked agenda sections. Over time, creating more relevant and helpful information that raises the caliber of conversations and decisions being made by your board. Analytics offers executives the insights their board needs to think more strategically at their next meeting.

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Data Speaks Volumes.

Every director has a life outside of your board. That means the time they spend engaging and thinking about your organization needs to be effective and efficient. 

Engagement analytics prepares directors to better manage their preparation and focus on important topics. Analytics enables administrators to build a board book around the unique needs of their members. And it equips executives to be better prepared on topics the board is sure to ask about.

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