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A HIPAA Compliant Board Portal Created

For the Health Care Providers

OnBoard is a HIPAA Compliant board portal that was designed for Health Care Providers to solve their governance challenges. Health Care providers face a daunting task, between saving lives, reading reports, billing, claims, and more, there’s always something vital to do. That's why OnBoard is explicitly designed for the unique needs of hospitals, urgent care centers, biotech firms, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and medical insurance providers. So you can worry less about meetings and focus on the health and well being of those you care for.

#1 Board Meeting Solution For

Doctors, Executives, and Administrators

We designed OnBoard to the most natural digital board experience ever for Health Care Providers. We did that by working with doctors, executives, and administrators to arrange information in intuitive locations, placing upcoming meetings front and center, and creating in-app guides to ensure that everyone who picks up OnBoard can get right to work. Whether you’re on the front line saving people, in a lab making breakthrough treatments, or managing the operations that keep the lights on – OnBoard streamlines your governance responsibilities to drive real and lasting value.

You're In Good Hands

Designed for Health Care Board Members To

Make Meetings Better

Fits The Way You Work

Read, review, and annotate your board materials and notes as it suits your work-life style. Anywhere, anytime, and on any device: web app, iPhone, iPad, laptop, Kindle Fire, and Windows Surface. You can also easily vote, secure approvals, answer surveys and questionnaires.

Search, Notes, & Annotations

Easily add your thoughts and changes by highlighting, touching, and typing. Your notes and ideas are always accessible, private, searchable, and synced across all your devices.


Board members have a single place to access their most pertinent materials. Quickly examining upcoming meetings, board materials, and announcements.

eSignatures, Approvals, Surveys

Your complete governance responsibilities can be carried out directly in OnBoard. Whether there's legal paperwork to be signed or an approval that demands board action, everything you need is just a click away.

Perfect for Every Meeting

OnBoard was engineered to deliver performance, security, and simplicity for every meeting in your organization. From your committee meetings to the boardroom, OnBoard improves governance at every step.

Designed for Health Care Administrators To

Build Better Boards

Fastest Board Book Builder

OnBoard allows you to create an intelligent agenda: you can set time parameters for each section, who should speak, and attach approvals and key documents to each agenda section.

Industry Leading Support

Unlimited 24/7 support, direct from our headquarters in the U.S. You will get immediate help from a team that takes prides in their 100% satisfaction rating.

Any File Just Works

Whether your board needs a complex spread sheet or just to the facts PDF, you can connect any type of file to your board book: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Google Docs, One Drive, YouTube, and more.

Resource Center

Place the annual report, corporate policies, bylaws, corporate charter, and all your key documents into a central location that's always one click away.

Live integration With Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents can be built directly into your board book. Take meeting minutes in Word and they instantly appear in OnBoard.

Real-Time Syncing

Pressing save was a byproduct of early hardware and software design. With OnBoard, as multiple people collaborate together, the board book builds and updates in real-time. Never lose your work. Never override a previous versions.


“In my many years of implementing software, Passageways' OnBoard was a top tier experience, whenever we needed support you were there. That was one of the key factors that impressed me.”

- Samir Wadhwa, Manager of Business Systems, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

“I started working with boards 20 years ago when we were still using paper… as we grew the number of books and materials that went in so did the board book. Going paperless is huge, and with OnBoard being as easy to use as it is, when we are receiving tons of materials for books at the last minute and they need to be published the same day, it’s doable… Everyone should be using OnBoard."

– Marry Hodge, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

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