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OnBoard is a HIPAA Compliant board portal that was designed for Health Care Providers to solve their governance challenges. Health Care providers face a daunting task, between saving lives, reading reports, billing, claims, and more, there’s always something vital to do. That’s why OnBoard is explicitly designed for the unique needs of hospitals, urgent care centers, biotech firms, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and medical insurance providers. So you can worry less about meetings and focus on the health and well being of those you care for.
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We designed OnBoard to the most natural digital board experience ever for Health Care Providers. We did that by working with doctors, executives, and administrators to arrange information in intuitive locations, placing upcoming meetings front and center, and creating in-app guides to ensure that everyone who picks up OnBoard can get right to work. Whether you’re on the front line saving people, in a lab making breakthrough treatments, or managing the operations that keep the lights on – OnBoard streamlines your governance responsibilities to drive real and lasting value.

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Make Meetings Better

Your board book automatically saves and instantly syncs across every device. You will always have the latest version and never be surprised by a last minute change.

Engagement Analytics prepares directors to better engage with board materials before meetings. It provides insight into which agenda sections are receiving the most attention and where stakeholders are making significant notes and annotations. Learn More About Engagement Analytics

Read, review, and annotate your board materials and notes as it suits your work-life style. Anywhere, anytime, and on any device: web app, iPhone, iPad, laptop, Kindle Fire, and Windows Surface. You can also easily vote, secure approvals, answer surveys and questionnaires.

Start a conversation, about anything. One-on-one, group chat, or even bring in the entire board into the discussion. Now the whole committee can to dig into financial details together. And it’s all in the same OnBoard app you already use and trust. Learn More About OnBoard Messenger

Your notes and annotations automatically sync between every device. Take a note on your iPhone and it will be immediately available on every other device.

Approve the annual budget, amend the bylaws, adopt employee benefits, any board actions can be voted on directly within OnBoard.

eSignatures offer the same legal standing as a handwritten signature. eSignatures provide a fast, secure, and accurate identification alternative for signatures, all while keeping your records compliant.

Next generation granular access controls allow you to set who has access to board materials and communications.

The strongest security available! Never worry about forgetting your password. Simply login Touch ID or Face ID on your iOS device.

Work online or off. When there’s no internet you can still access all your board materials. Once you’re back on wifi, all your work will instantly sync across your devices.

iPhone Flat OnBoard
“In my many years of implementing software, Passageways' OnBoard was a top tier experience, whenever we needed support you were there. That was one of the key factors that impressed me.”
Samir Wadhwa
Manager of Business Systems, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Created for Healthcare Administrator to

To Make Their Board Happy

OnBoard’s Board Book Builder empowers administrators and executive assistants to easily create a dynamic agenda and board book in seconds. Clone past board or committee meetings and simply drag and drop any file type into the new meeting.

Analytics brings Administrators new information to help the board like never before. Help directors better prepare by bringing new details to the board’s attention shaped by data on what directors are engaging with. Learn More About Engagement Analytics

Multiple people can collaborate together when the agenda is being created. The board book builds and updates in real-time. Never lose your work. Never override a previous version.

Create a board evaluation survey, find out member availability, settle on a location for the annual retreat. OnBoard’s survey tool lets you collect any information or opinions you need from your board.

If an important policy is changed or meeting is rescheduled, communicate with the whole board or individual committees with targeted announcements that are emailed and appear within OnBoard.

Know who has expressed their intent to arrive at your meetings and who attended each meeting. It helps keep you compliant, your meetings organized, and your board meetings running smoothly.

Place the annual report, corporate policies, bylaws, corporate charter, and all your key documents into a central location that’s always one click away.

Whether your board needs a complex spread sheet or just to the facts PDF, you can connect any type of file to your board book: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Google Docs, One Drive, YouTube, and more.

You have complete flexibility to how your electronic records are stored. Administrators can automatically purge all notes and annotations when board books are archived. Control how your organization handles sensitive data.

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“I started working with boards 20 years ago when we were still using paper… as we grew the number of books and materials that went in so did the board book. Going paperless is huge, and with OnBoard being as easy to use as it is, when we are receiving tons of materials for books at the last minute and they need to be published the same day, it’s doable… Everyone should be using OnBoard."

– Marry Hodge, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

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