Emerging & Collaborative Leaders Scholarship

In collaboration with Passageways and ICBA

Nominate a Community Banker to attend Passageways' Annual Enterprise Collaboration Conference for Free.

At Passageways, we believe that a diverse set of experiences and perspectives are required to forge the future of enterprise collaboration. Everyone from the Teller to the Office Manager to the President of the bank deserves an opportunity to network with their peers, pursue innovative ways to engage their employees, and see how technology is revolutionizing how community banks collaborate. These experiences should not be limited to title.

But we need your help. You know better than anyone – talent overflows your industry. We need you to refer the emerging leaders poised to make their mark and drive results. Take just a moment and nominate a person to attend PowWOW; where they'll connect with peers and see the future of enterprise collaboration.

Emerging & Collaborative
Leaders Scholarship
When, Why, What You Get

Through August 31, 2019, we are opening nominations for the Emerging & Collaborative Leaders Scholarship to community bankers everywhere. We want to expand our reach beyond our borders: to the bank team with numerous branches who diligently invest in their community and the leaders who implemented a breakthrough way to leverage customer data into a better experience.

What will a successful nominee exhibit? Here’s a few examples of past nominees.
  • They’ve solved a workplace or employee engagement challenge.
  • They will have started an initiative that made customer or employees lives better.
  • Creating a culture that motivated a real-world project or in-house initiative. 
  • Built a team to use data, make smart decisions, and achieve real results.

Nominations are now open and are limited to 2 nominations. 

The Conference

PowWOW is our opportunity to play host for our customers as we gather with industry thought leaders to discuss the future of secure enterprise collaboration technology. Passageways PowWOW annual user conference is the unmissable event of the year for our customers and staff alike.

PowWOW is our chance to connect with industry professionals, customers, and community bank leaders. It’s when we explore how they think about problems, consider industry best practices, and explore the future of collaboration technology. 

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