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OnBoard For Leadership Teams

Equip your leadership team with the same powerful platform your board of directors uses to govern. OnBoard for Leadership Teams helps executives and management overcome virtual meeting challenges, organize business information, take notes, and communicate seamlessly. All in one convenient and integrated platform that keeps your board and leadership information separate and secure

For only $4,000, up to 25 members of your leadership team will receive a dedicated instance of OnBoard.

Create Clarity With a Well Defined Agenda

Meetings that define your strategy and produce results begin with a clear and focused agenda. That’s why OnBoard empowers every stakeholder to collaborate on the meeting’s purpose and scope. It equips your leadership team to arrive with prereads absorbed — keeping meetings focused on decisions, strategy, and results.

Agenda Builder

Agenda Co-Authoring

Real-Time Updates

Ensure Timely & Accurate Communication

Stop the virtual meeting chaos by giving leaders the space to discuss and deliberate throughout the platform. Through secure chat, sharable annotations, and centralized announcements, it delivers information that keeps everyone in the loop. And when the meetings starts, the Zoom integration keeps you connected face-to-face, even when you’re apart.

Sharable Annotations

Zoom Integration


Track Objectives and Key Results

Enable your team to track goals, objectives, and outstanding tasks. With the Minutes Builder, executive teams can create in-meeting notes and assign tasks as the discussions progress — creating a system of accountability for post-meeting follow-ups.

Task Management

Voting & Approvals

Minutes Builder

Your All-In-One Information Hub

Your team can’t afford to waste time digging through dozens of files to make sense of your meeting materials. What leaders need is a unified platform where every document, conversation, note, and file is automatically organized and delivered in a way that makes sense. A single location for every vital document — whether you’re at home, in the office, or on-the-go.

Unlimited File Storage

Always Up To Date Files

VPN-Free Access

Secure Business Materials & Resources

Your board already trusts OnBoard for your board’s most sensitive information. Now your leadership team can receive the same security and unlimited storage for your documents, reports, and files. Best of all, OnBoard’s cloud-first architecture means you don’t need to access a VPN to retrieve the information.


OnBoard Leadership includes the OnBoard’s core capabilities, including the Agenda Builder, Notes & Annotations, Announcements, RSVP Tracking, Permission Management, mobile app access, Two-Factor Authentication, Remote Wipe, and our exclusive Zoom Integration. 

More than that, it pulls together the most useful features across our add-on suites including the Homepage Dashboard, Secure Messenger, Task Management, and our Minutes Builder.

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You can add additional leadership team members for only $120 user/year.

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Task Management

Manage, organize, and track your most important action-items. OnBoard Tasks keeps all of your outstanding and completed work organized on the same platform as your board and leadership work. It helps you stay on top of what’s important while keeping things moving forward.