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Expedite Your Loan Approvals

OnBoard delivers a seamless platform to support the approval of loans, at scale. OnBoard equips senior management and lending officers to organize, track, review, comment, and approve loans – from anywhere. It’s the smartest way to manage your pipeline, deliver a quality customer experience, ensure timely disbursements, and differentiate your services.

Loan Approval Final
Approval UI Elements
Collaborate, Approve, Disburse.

Don't Wait For Your Next
Meeting To Manage Your Loan Pipeline

The OnBoard platform brings in all the information your loan team needs to act decisively. After your underwriters upload the approval, your team gets  an instant notification. Every necessary document for consideration sits below an open space for conversation. And instead of waiting until the next regularly scheduled meeting, officers can vote from the comfort of their own home. 

OnBoard expedites your review and accelerates disbursements, meaningfully differentiating you from the competition.

Compliant and Real-Time Loan Approvals

OnBoard’s data retention and compliance is held to the highest security standards, ensuring that only the right people on your team have access to only the documents they need to approve loans.

Worry-Free Access Control

OnBoard provides complete control over who has access to every document. Every approval can only be acted on and read by exactly who you intend.

Security & Peace of Mind

OnBoard offers the gold standard in Cloud Security: Microsoft Azure. Full disaster, two-factor authentication, complete encryption, and peace of mind.

Productive Employees

Automated Compliance

As you act quickly on loans, OnBoard automatically generates the audit trail you need to demonstrate compliance to auditors and the board.

Real-Time Collaboration From Everywhere
Reviewing Loans is Better From Your Couch

OnBoard delivers real-time collaboration from anywhere leading to faster decisions. From the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else), securely review and start a conversation about the loan approval, on any device you already own. 

Anywhere mobile access results in faster decisions, a more focused pipeline, and expedited disbursement. That leads to happier communities and more return customers. 

Governing From Your Couch
How the Loan Committee At Sturgis Used OnBoard to Approve Loans Faster Than Ever

“I’m approving loans on Saturday morning while I’m having my coffee, or on Sunday night while sitting on the couch. I don’t have 50 loans to pick up and take care of on Tuesday because we’ve had those approved during the week. That increases turnaround time and increases our productivity,” said Jason Hyska, Senior Vice President, Retail Lending for Sturgis Bank & Trust Company.

Loans Processed a Week
Minutes Saved a Month
Managed Mortgage Loans
$ 1 mil

Faster, Smarter, and Everything Between

Better Loan Approvals Start Here


Review materials, start a discussion, and approve loans from anywhere.


Compliance In Your Control

Control how your organization handles sensitive data.



Send and sign agreements securely from any device.


Granular Permission Management

Every item in your board book can be permissioned for conflicts of interest.

Complete File Support

Attach Every Document

Attach all documents for consideration, of any type: pdf, .docx, .xls, and more

Chat 2

OnBoard Messenger

Start a conversation right about the approval right next to supporting docs.


Real-Time Notifications

Stakeholder get an instant notifications when approvals are ready for review.

Any Browser support

Automatic Audit trail

OnBoard automatically creates an audit trail for every approval.

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