The Challenge

The sensitive nature of Nicklaus’ meetings demanded that they be conducted with an emphasis on information security. Nicklaus struggled with security issues while using a primitive board portal. After discontinuing service, they established a locally hosted permission based share drive to conduct their board meetings, emailing out PDFs for their board members.

The share drive created its own problems, causing many directors to continue requesting paper copies, leading to continued printing expenses. For those who wanted a digital board book to review when on the go, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital found it difficult to securely compile digital copies of their board books files on the share drive. This proved a challenge for their board members who needed to securely review documents when on the go. Nicklaus knew it needed to find a secure digital board portal provider. A new solution would need to provide state of the art security, and result in savings by eliminating the structural and logistical overhead that came from paper.

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OnBoard centralize all information and enables you to create one single source of truth.

The Solution

Nicklaus adopted OnBoard as its board portal solution. OnBoard’s ease of use and seamless user experience transformed Nicklaus’ boardroom experience. OnBoard streamlined Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s process of book creation, creating one compiled board book, cut printing expenses, and ensured secure digital distribution.

Directors discovered paper had been holding their meetings back. With OnBoard they were able to stay focused, using the tools they needed to effortlessly conduct their meetings: an intuitively designed interface, seamless agenda updates, a touch of the finger login system, complete offline access, and a searchable archive of their past meetings. It brought a peace of mind knowing they were prepared for every meeting and that their data was secure.


“In my many years of implementing software, OnBoard was a top tier experience, whenever we needed support you were there. That was one of the key factors that impressed me.”
- Samir Wadhwa
Manager of Business Systems, Nicklaus Children's Hospital

The Results

Today, Nicklaus’ board members are empowered to be more effective by leveraging OnBoard, cutting preparation time and driving decisions by focusing on results instead of logistics. What’s more, OnBoard has produced tangible saving. Nicklaus elimination of paper board books resulted in a 51% return on investment.

Adopting OnBoard solution has resulted in real time, environmental, and logistical savings for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. As Samir Wadhwa, Manager of Business Systems said, “We can just load all the material into OnBoard and no longer have to worry.

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