Simple to Do Everything,

So You Can Do Anything.

This release makes creating meetings more straightforward and faster than ever. We've updated several aspects of the user experience to make your work more natural. And we turned our attention to bringing new capabilities to our mobile experience.

Web Enhancements

Designed to work just the way you expect it to.

Updated Navigation

We made navigating OnBoard easier than ever. Board members who use OnBoard across multiple boards can now identify and switch between organizations, without interruption.

"My Annotations" Export ​

Now board members can download the board book with the annotations they've added, making it easy to prepare ahead of time and then reference that work during the meeting.​

Simplified Meeting Creator​

Meeting Creators start from a cleaner slate, with a more precise and more intuitive user experience.

Unnumbered Agenda Sections

Lunch, a much-needed break, and other tasks can now be included in the agenda without impacting numbering or being included in the board book.​​

Dashboard Hyperlink

Administrators can now create persistent hyperlinks within the Dashboard welcome screen. Providing a simple way for board members to access frequently used external resources and websites.

Remote Meeting Details

Meeting administrators and attendees now have a clear location for including remote meeting details. Administrators can add Zoom, WebEx and other web conferencing tools to make it easy for remote attendees to join meetings virtually.

New Meeting Detail Experience

New Agenda Composer

Notification Improvements

Take greater control over OnBoard's notifications – empowering users to decide if they want to send a notification when uploading files to the resource library.

Agenda Import

Creating an agenda is easier than ever with new technology that lets users upload an agenda created in other software like Word. OnBoard will take that information and automatically populate an agenda.

A Better Way to Compose an Agenda

We've improved every aspect of agenda creation, including the import agenda process. Hyperlinks automatically populate, sections are simpler to inspect, and it's more intuitive than ever to reorder the agenda.

Improved Section Details

Users now have quick access to agenda section details from a convenient sidebar, providing better visibility to the agenda and creating a clear location for all the agenda section details.

iOS Update

The OnBoard iOS apps are receiving significant updates that make working on an iPhone and iPad a more intuitive and responsive experience.

We're making it easy to always have the latest board book ready to fire up, whether 30,000 feet in the air or 300 miles from the closest wifi. We've improved how annotations sync, optimized to ensure OnBoard takes up less disk space, and made finding actions more accessible than ever.

Board Book Auto-Resume

Users can pick up where they left off. Now when users return to the board book, they will be taken to the last page that they were viewing when they exited the app.

Real-Time Annotation Syncing​

Annotations now sync live across devices, making annotations more useful when multiple users are collaborating on a shared annotation or a user must quickly switch between devices.

Auto-Download of Board Books​

iOS will now automatically download and encrypt user's next three and previous three board books – making board book access instantaneous while significantly improving the off-line experience.

Auto-Delete of Old Board Books​

No longer worry about managing space on an iOS device. Local copies of inactive board books are now automatically deleted after 120 days.​

Search Actions​

Search for any action type by title on an iPhone or iPad: Approvals, Surveys, and eSignatures.

In-App Push Notifications​

Users will now see push notifications even when they have the app open.

Now Available

We are excited for you to experience all the enhancements from this release.
If you ever have any questions please contact support or your Customer Success Manager and thank you for being a loyal Passageways customer.

Task Management

Manage, organize, and track your most important action-items. OnBoard Tasks keeps all of your outstanding and completed work organized on the same platform as your board and leadership work. It helps you stay on top of what’s important while keeping things moving forward.