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A Secure Place to Discuss Board Work With Anyone

OnBoard Messenger is a whole new way to collaborate around board work. Directors, administrators, and executives can simply start a direct conversation or bring in the entire board into the discussion. It’s all in the same OnBoard app you already use and trust. It’s safer than email and more secure than a text message.

A conversation that’s easy to start.

OnBoard Messenger allows the board to quickly start individual or group conversations to discuss sensitive board work.

If you're looking at the financials and need the CFO's expertise, they’re just one tap away. Bring the entire committee or the whole board into the conversation from the OnBoard app or any web browser.

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A completely secure place to talk about sensitive board work.

It's time to stop having board conversations through vulnerable channels like email and SMS. Hackers access those channels every day.

Messenger leverages the same security you've come to trust from OnBoard. That means your messages can only be read by exactly who you intend.

Collaborate between meetings, focus on strategy during meetings.

With Messenger in-hand, the whole board is equipped to collaborate before they ever arrive. And because so much board work is accomplished before anyone sits down, that surplus time can be directed toward strategic discussions. Toward thinking about the long-term – the regulatory landscape, the next acquisition target, or just finalizing a succession plan.

OnBoard Messenger

We Build Privacy Into Everything We Do

We’re laser focused on privacy. And board work by its very nature deals with the most sensitive documents, reports, and details your organization contemplates. That’s why we built OnBoard Messenger, so you can be sure your communications are as private as your board book. It’s part of our mission to drive greater collaboration that you can trust. Everyone deserves the comfort of knowing their communications won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Messenger is built right into the same OnBoard app your directors already use.

Unlike other board management solutions, OnBoard messenger is built right into the apps you already use. That's because making directors download a second app leads to fragmented usage. With OnBoard Messenger every aspect of your board life-cycle is in once place.

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"Hey! I just updated the board book, take a look when you have a chance!"

With OnBoard Messenger sending the latest agenda is as easy as copy-paste. Everything in OnBoard can be linked to, so everyone can be on the same page, and no one is confused. And hey, we all sometimes forget an action item. That's why Messenger supports quick links to any action like surveys, eSignatures, and approvals.

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