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The Reasons Why Companies Use OnBoard

Reason 1b

It's The Easiest To Use, Most Accessible Board Portal, Ever.

What makes OnBoard different is that it’s meeting software your board will actually use. There’s no complex login processes. With just your fingerprint, you’re in. The interface was designed to put what’s important front and center – your upcoming meetings and board books. It’s simple to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for; you won’t get lost or confused.

For over a decade we’ve listened to customer input and designed a solution that meets the needs of everyone involved in the board meeting life-cycle. From veteran board members to senior corporate secretaries, OnBoard is designed to be the easiest board portal to use, ever. So that anyone can just pick it up, and it just works.

The thing I liked the best about OnBoard is, we used to have over 100 pages on our board packets that had to be typed and duplicated and mailed – you know, it was a pain. Today with the updated digital documents, there’s no trying to mail something ahead of time and getting it. Everyone just has it at their fingertips. If the font is small, all you do is take your fingers and spread it out, it gets larger – and at 80 years old I want it to be larger text than some of the others.
Dr. Potter Final
Dr. Edward Potter
Board Director, Downey Federal Credit Union
OnBoard fundamentally improved our meetings by giving our board members a complete governance solution. It's ideal for our directors of all tech levels. By being so easy to use and accessible from every device, our directors spent more time with materials in advance of our meetings, so that when they arrived we were ready to discuss what was really important.
Sherry Houston
Executive Director,
Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Central Florida
Reason 2 b

Custom Built for Directors, Executives, & Administrators.

OnBoard is different from other board management solutions because it unifies the software used by director and administrators. Once upon a time, administrators and directors used different software, supported by different devices, to create and manage digital board books. This led to confusion – and fixing it was a key insight when we set out to build OnBoard.

Consider when the CEO has to upload his report to the board. Instead of needing different software supported by different operating systems, the CEO can use the same view he’s already used too. And when an administrator receives a last-minute file, they don’t need to be at their desktop to upload it, just attach the document using a mobile device. OnBoard is a unifed solution with one login, from any device, custom built to improve the workflow of everyone involved.

Reason 3 b

Your Success is Paramount!

Our commitment to adoption and real-world functionality sets OnBoard apart from providers who are satisfied the moment your invoice clears. That’s why every OnBoard customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager that are available, day or night, to help them with everything and anything. 

Investment in Customer Success reflects Passageways’ priorities. We’re a company that believes in forging enduring customer partnerships, that guarantees our customers experience the maximum value from their investment. Our Our Stevie® Award winning Customer Success Team is our way of providing a face to our software. So that when a problem arises or a new director needs training, we are there with a personal touch to fulfill out commitment to your enduring success.

"I have had a fantastic experience with Passageways right from day one. Passageways was very attentive, anything I asked, I had the answer that day. It let me hit ground running. It’s just so nice to know that Passageways actually cares! You care! You care what your users think. I just find it incredible.”
Tracy Thomas
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Visions Federal Credit Union

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Here’s What Holds Most People Back From Using A Board Portal

We understand there’s a lot at stake here, your board meetings are the most consequential gathering at your organization. Everything has to go right.

And most board management providers don’t make it particularly clear what sets them apart. All of that noise from vendors can make it pretty tough to figure out which product is right for your business.

Transparency is a core value here at Passageways, we don’t like beating around the bush. When we first talk to people about OnBoard we hear a lot of the same questions and concerns, and we take those seriously because they are the key insights we use to make OnBoard different, better, and more useful.

So, what on the minds of real people when we talk to them about OnBoard? 

Reason 1 p

“Adoption – we're worried that our older board members will find the technology difficult to use."

OnBoard was created because of this core challenge, and we’ve spent years refining the product with input from directors of all ages and technology backgrounds. There was simply no excuse for how difficult board meeting software was before OnBoard. And there was no way to solve that challenge without spending substantial time with real board directors.

We designed OnBoard to the most natural digital board experience ever. We did that by working with directors to place information in intuitive locations, placing upcoming meetings front and center, and creating in-app guides to ensure that everyone who picks up OnBoard can get right to work.

We guarantee that your board will actually use OnBoard and never look back.

I am 80-years-old, I've been part of the board for 19 years. I think my experience with technology is typical of many of our board members. Bottom line,  OnBoard has totally changed what we do. Now, we never start a board meeting without our computers turned, ready to go. I'm your biggest supporter, I love OnBoard!
Dr. Potter Final
Dr. Edward Potter
Board Director, Downey Federal Credit Union
“What stood out for me was the layout. I loaded actual board books into OnBoard, and it was by far the easiest to use. It required the least number of steps, the least number of clicks, so that was huge for me. I thought from a user standpoint it was very easy to use. I thought it would be really easy for the board to grasp.”
Tracy Thomas
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Visions Federal Credit Union
Reason 2 p

“We are currently using an OnBoard Competitor.”

OnBoard stands are proof that investment in product innovation leads to sustained success. We continue to update OnBoard every single month. Launching new features and capabilities that drive increased value and improve workflows. We simply refuse to stop thinking about how technology can improve board meetings.

Because we believe that OnBaord is the best board meeting product out there, we want to get it into the hands of everyone. That’s why we offer a no strings attached trial. That’s why we make migrating data from your current solution to OnBoard ridiculously easy. And that’s why you should talk to us about taking care of your current board portal contract. Because we believe that once you use OnBoard, you’ll see how much better it is compared to whatever you’re using today.

Reason 3 p

“Timing. This isn’t a priority right now.”

We understand, there’s a lot on your plate. But time and again we’ve heard this objection only for the organization to come back months later after a crisis has compelled action.

A director left a board book behind while traveling and it fell into the wrong hands. An email password was stolen, and critical board materials were left exposed. The FFIEC came knocking, auditing security practices that fell well short of baseline expectations.

We urge everyone still using paper, email, or shared drives, to look into a digital solution this very moment. It takes a bit of time and effort, but it’s always better than the alternative: a reputation in tatters because confidential information fell into the wrong hands.

“I am telling you, OnBoard really changed us as an organization. It changed us. It totally moved us to the next level. What it did was reinvent us. So what would I say to all the others out there still using paper for their board meetings There’s some point every year you need to reevaluate how you are doing things and ask, ‘How can we be better? We found that OnBoard improved information security and collaboration.”
randy blackburn
Randy Blackburn
EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Head of IT,
Pan American Bank & Trust's
I was producing 15 board books, everything was printed. There was labor cost, paper, toner cost, binders, dividers, service on your printers: there was a clear need. It's hard to put into words, but the whole organization here has been impacted by OnBoard. I can't say enough that OnBoard has made our lives and our meetings, easy, efficient, and cost-effective.
Reason 4 p

"Pricing. We’re just not sure we can justify the investment.”

It’s easy to overlook because it’s the way it’s always been done, but the costs of printing your board materials invariably run higher than OnBoard. Take into account everything involved; paper, binders, printers, toner, shipping, reprints. Our customers typically find that just the basic materials end up costing more.

But even more than raw materials, our customers find the immaterial benefits of OnBoard contribute even more of a return: widespread labor savings, significantly more time to review board materials in advance of meetings, and peace of mind that your board is in compliance. All of which contribute to more thoughtful deliberations that allow board members to feel as if their time is better respected and their decisions more informed.

Time and again, our customers find the material savings justify the cost while OnBoard’s real-world benefits punctuate the value of their investment.

Reason 5 p

“I don’t know how to make a case for this to the management”

We completely understand how difficult it can be to get all the stakeholders in the board meeting life-cycle convinced and motivated to change. While we offer all sorts of resources to help new customers get started on the right foot, there’s nothing quite like just letting someone use a product to see the benefits themselves.

That’s why OnBoard is the only leading board portal that offers a no strings attached free trial, so you know precisely what you’re getting before you fill out any paperwork. Actually experiencing OnBoard is the easiest way to make your case. There’s no credit card, no commitments. We’ll help you set everything up in OnBoard, so you can confidently make the case and give every stakeholder a chance to see for themselves how OnBoard will improve their board work.

“It really came down to the functionality of the tool itself. The team was super helpful, they were always available to walk me through the portal – I used it for a couple of different meetings, for an executive committee and a finance committee meeting. The team helped me understand how to use the solution, walking me through how to customize the look and feel of the portal, and helped me build immediate muscle memory for utilizing the tool for multiple board meetings.”
John Wolfkill
Executive Director,
Community College of Aurora Foundation
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