Effective Meetings

Too often, board meetings aren’t meetings at all – they’re very expensive presentations. The lights dim and a PowerPoint begins. When meetings are nothing more than a review of the prereads, boards suffer immense opportunity costs: lost collaboration, missed questions, and unsaid moments of genius — the things that make meetings worth having.

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Transform Your Meetings Into Strategic Working Sessions

Change the very nature of your meetings with OnBoard. It’s amazing when you experience it; meetings where everyone’s engaged in discussions, a consensus is reached, and deeply thought-out action is taken. 

Board Actions

eSignatures, Voting, & Surveys

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Secure Messenger

Zoom Integration


Collaborative Agenda Builder

Collaborative Agenda Builder

Book Views

Engagement Analytics

Task Management

Task Management


Elevate Your Meetings. And Enjoy Them, Too.

Accomplish more outside of meetings while preparing more thoroughly beforehand and you’ll find the time you spend in the boardroom is more focused and effective than ever before. A space to engage with the long-term strategic direction of your organization — maximizing the value of the time you spend together in the meeting.

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A Board That'll Make You
The Envy of CEOs Everywhere

When your board arrives prepared to discuss, brainstorm, and problem solve, you’ll be the talk of the town. When your board asks smart questions, offers sharp advice, and provides guidance on long-term strategy, you might be tempted to think it’s all a dream — feel free to give yourself a pinch, because it’s OnBoard making your meetings more effective.


With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

Effective meetings rest on the shoulders of the unsung heroes — administrators. OnBoard lightens the weight of that immense responsibility. It’s the power to keep documents arriving on time & tasks accomplished ahead of deadline. It vanquishes last-minute changes, ensures compliance, and makes taking minutes an effortless task. Now all you need is a secret identity. 

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Director, Dr. Edward Potter

"The Miracle That Changed Our Entire Board"

Literally, OnBoard’s changed our entire board meetings: they’re shorter, they’re much more efficient, and lots more fun! Now I say that as the oldest member of the board. I’ll be 81 in July, and the least tech savvy of anyone on the board. So I am convinced, we’re all actively involved and we solve the issues and move on.

Explore More OnBoard Capabilities
Meeting Prep
Advanced Meeting Preparation

Build meetings faster and provide better and more reliable information to the board

Data Driven Meetings
Data-Driven Meetings

The data and analytics needed to improve your meetings

Centralzied Coms
Centralized Communication

Replaces Dropbox, text messages, emails, and to-do lists, with a central information hub

Remote Governance
Business Continuity

Keep communication flowing and documents secure during emergencies

Remote Governance
Remote Governance

Accomplish more outside of meetings with video conferencing, eSignatures, and remote voting

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Multi-Board & Committees

Unifies board work with one-click access to board materials for every organization you serve

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Ready to Arrive at a Better Board Meeting?

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Task Management

Manage, organize, and track your most important action-items. OnBoard Tasks keeps all of your outstanding and completed work organized on the same platform as your board and leadership work. It helps you stay on top of what’s important while keeping things moving forward.