Has your board oversight extended to incorporate culture? Have you considered how to measure your organizations ‘Corporate Culture’? Wondering how culture is a contributor of risk? Can cultural transformation help improve organizational valuation?

Leaders today identify the profound influence culture has on people’s behavior, innovation and customer service. While a significant contributor to an organizations ‘competitive advantage’ as an intangible asset, culture can turn into a liability with lack of oversight & governance from organizational leaders.​

We were joined experts – Stuart R. Levine, Chairman & CEO , Stuart Levine & Associates and Brian P. Rivel, Chairman & CEO, Rivel Research Group as they answer these questions in this on-demand OnBoard Board Management Webinar.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following current and challenging governance and board issues as it pertains to corporate culture:
• Defining corporate culture & its impact on shareholder value. Why Investors care now?
• How culture starts at the top with CEO dashboards
• How to measure corporate culture to minimize risk and improve valuation?
• Importance of ongoing measurement of cultural alignment to ensure engagement, accountability and employee satisfaction
• How robust strategic communication impacts alignment of your organizational values and culture
• How a data baseline combined with common values sets the stage for success
• Importance of alignment and criteria based resource prioritization
• Transforming a culture and what the process looks like for sustainability

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Stuart R. Levine
Stuart R. Levine | Read Full Bio
• Chairman & CEO, Stuart Levine & Associates 
• Experience of serving over 10 profit and not-for profit boards
• 20+ years of successful CEO/C-Suite strategic organizational consultation.
• International best-selling leadership author of The Six Fundamentals of Success and Cut to the Chase.
Brian P. Rivel

Brian P. Rivel | Read Full Bio

• Chairman & CEO, Rivel Research Group.
• Rivel Research Group delivers factual data-driven intelligence for management & boards to mitigate risk & improve valuations
• Rivel’s leading intelligence gives companies a unique competitive advantage to make strategic decisions with data-backed confidence.
• Regional Board Member, Jumpstart.

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