Has your board oversight extended to incorporate culture? Have you considered how to measure your organizations ‘Corporate Culture’? Wondering how culture is a contributor of risk? Can cultural transformation help improve organizational valuation?

Leaders today identify the profound influence culture has on people’s behavior, innovation and customer service. While a significant contributor to an organizations ‘competitive advantage’ as an intangible asset, culture can turn into a liability with lack of oversight & governance from organizational leaders.​

We were joined experts – Stuart R. Levine, Chairman & CEO , Stuart Levine & Associates and Brian P. Rivel, Chairman & CEO, Rivel Research Group as they answer these questions in this on-demand OnBoard Board Management Webinar.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following current and challenging governance and board issues as it pertains to corporate culture:
• Defining corporate culture & its impact on shareholder value. Why Investors care now?
• How culture starts at the top with CEO dashboards
• How to measure corporate culture to minimize risk and improve valuation?
• Importance of ongoing measurement of cultural alignment to ensure engagement, accountability and employee satisfaction
• How robust strategic communication impacts alignment of your organizational values and culture
• Transforming a culture and what the process looks like for sustainability

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Stuart R. Levine

Chairman and CEO,
Stuart Levine & Associates and EduLeader

Stuart is a governance expert and has served on over 15 for profit and not-for profit boards and is the former global CEO for Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. operating in 72 countries. An international best-selling author, he has significant board and executive leadership experience across multiple disciplines including financial services, technology and healthcare specializing in strategy, strategic communication, board governance, leadership development, customer focus and large-scale change management.

Stuart is the recipient of awards from several prestigious national organizations, including Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Ernst & Young and Inc. Magazine. NACD recognized him as part of The Directorship 100 in both 2011 and 2012 and appointed him to serve on their 17-member Nominating/Governance Advisory Council. He presently serves on the Nominating & Governance Committee, Audit Committee, Broadridge Financial Solutions.

Brian P. Rivel

Chairman and CEO, Rivel Research Group

Brian joined Rivel Research Group in 1994 and became president in 2000. Since then, he has guided the firm to become the largest global perception study provider.

He plays a crucial role in helping clients gain insight on corporate governance matters, C-Suite strategy and planning, activist threats and overall investor communications. In addition to implementing Rivel’s research strategy and focus, Brian is a frequent presenter to board members, management teams and communications professionals on how research can add value to an organization by building competitive advantage. He works closely with Rivel’s strategy team to insure that the aforementioned three groups understand how they are perceived among their key constituencies and what changes can be implemented to improve valuation.

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