Join experts – Stuart R. Levine, Chairman & CEO, Stuart Levine & Associates and Paul M. Aguggia, Partner, Holland & Knight LLP as they share insights on effective M&A strategy.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following current M&A issues as it pertains to strategy for effective risk mitigation:
• Understanding how a strong culture can ensure success
• Importance of a strong rhythm of effective communications with all stakeholders
• Creating shared vision, mission and core values around culture and strategy for the post-merger organization
• Using a transitional governance committee to break through barriers and ensure results
• Ensuring reduced role ambiguity, processes clarification, and board equilibrium
• Identifying “determinants” of success required to best serve the organization
• Developing a plan for effective due diligence, navigation of regulatory limitations, required time frames, confidentiality, and post-transaction integration
• Identification of post-transaction impediments and identification of realistic goals and measurement of critical outcomes

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Stuart R. Levine

Stuart R. Levine, Chairman & CEO, Staurt Levive & Associates

Stuart is a governance expert and has served on over 10 profit and not-for-profit boards. His consulting firm works with CEOs and boards to ensure effective governance, board culture and C-Suite leadership that drives strategies, engages and inspires talent and achieves sustainable performance.
Paul M. Aguggia

Paul M. Aguggia, Partner, Holland & Knight LLP

Paul is a corporate services attorney specializing in advising boards of directors and senior management in risk management, governance, capital raising and mergers and acquisitions matters. His experience as chairman and president of Clifton Bancorp Inc. (CSBK) and chairman of an international law firm brings significant financial industry expertise.