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Why have thousands taken to the internet and made their voice loud and clear? Because across every metric, OnBoard has proven the most user friendly and comprehensive board meeting software.

Voted Best Board Management Software

#1 in Board Management Software in G2 Crowd

Ease of Doing Business With 97%
Quality of Support 97%
Product Direction (% positive) 96%
Ease of Use 94%
Ease of Admin 94%
Meets Requirements 93%
Ease of Setup 92%

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Voted #1 in Board Management Software in G2 Crowd

Ease of Doing Business With 97%
Quality of Support 97%
Product Direction (% positive) 96%
Ease of Use 94%
Ease of Admin 94%
Meets Requirements 93%
Ease of Setup 92%

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Capterra’s Easiest to Use
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Why People Choose OnBoard, In Their Own Words

Reason #1

It's The Easiest To Use,
Most Accessible Board Software, Ever.

What makes OnBoard different is that it’s meeting software your board will actually use. There’s no complex login processes. With just your fingerprint, you’re in. The interface was designed to put what’s important front and center – your upcoming meetings and board books. It’s simple to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for; you won’t get lost or confused.

For over a decade we’ve listened to customer input and designed a solution that meets the needs of everyone involved in the board meeting life-cycle. From veteran board members to senior corporate secretaries, OnBoard is designed to be the easiest board portal to use, ever. So that anyone can just pick it up, and it just works.w

Reason #2

Custom Built for Directors, Executives, & Administrators.

OnBoard is different from other board management solutions because it unifies the software used by director and administrators. Once upon a time, administrators and directors used different software, supported by different devices, to create and manage digital board books. This led to confusion – and fixing it was a key insight when we set out to build OnBoard.

Consider when the CEO has to upload his report to the board. Instead of needing different software supported by different operating systems, the CEO can use the same view he’s already used too. And when an administrator receives a last-minute file, they don’t need to be at their desktop to upload it, just attach the document using a mobile device. OnBoard is a unifed solution with one login, from any device, custom built to improve the workflow of everyone involved.

Reason #3

Because Your Success is All That Matters

Our commitment to adoption and real-world functionality sets OnBoard apart from providers who are satisfied the moment your invoice clears. That’s why every OnBoard customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager that are available, day or night, to help them with everything and anything. 

Investment in Customer Success reflects Passageways’ priorities. We’re a company that believes in forging enduring customer partnerships, that guarantees our customers experience the maximum value from their investment. Our Our Stevie® Award winning Customer Success Team is our way of providing a face to our software. So that when a problem arises or a new director needs training, we are there with a personal touch to fulfill out commitment to your enduring success.

And in The End

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