RushShelby Energy was dependent on paper, printing board book after board book. Each month, their nine member received a dense board book carrying reports from eight departments. The process was familiar to anyone who assembled board books when paper was still in vogue. Lisa Boaz, their administrative assistant, described the pitfalls of paper and the process involved, “I would literally wait for everyone to email me their report and print it out. I would put out one hard master copy and have everyone to sign off on it. Once they signed off on it I would take the better part of a day to copy, collate, bind, package, and mail it out to everyone about a week ahead of time.” From submission, to draft, to the mailbox took two weeks. The problems began to mount, small mistakes would require them to shred the old books and begin printing anew. RushShelby began to consider whether there was a better alternative. A way to have paperless board meeting, to cut down on materials, labor, and time. 

As they began their search they looked for a solution with an iPad app, an effective and immediate platform for board communication. They found Passageways, and were impressed by the level of customer engagement, as they chose Passageway’s solution they were excited because it offered exactly what they were seeking.


OnBoard created a technology-driven meeting for RushShelby, reducing board book creation time. The real-time distribution system allowed board members who were away for conferences to stay in the loop, improving communication and keeping them up to date. The real-time updates also relieved the anxiety that small mistakes or last minute updates would require shredding everything and starting anew, wasting time and resources.  

The benefits also translated to the boardroom, where members were always capable of accessing archived meetings, freeing them of twin burden of either carrying a vast amount of old books or forgoing access to that information. The process of implementation through their first meeting was praised by Lisa Boaz, “The entire experience was very impressive, Passageways tailored a package to suit our needs.”




RushShelby reduced the time investment in creating board books by 40%. The two weeks’ effort to get board books in the hands of the board members is now as easy as a few clicks and real-time updates. RushShelby was thrilled that the process was so easily streamlined, communication explained “I am able to put the packets the board books together so quickly; I am able to do in an hour or less what used to literally take 5 to 6 hours.”

“OnBoard is visually easy to navigate, they enjoy jumping page to page, they like having the ability to access achieved copies with just a touch... I am able to put the board books together so quickly, I am able to do in an hour or less what used to literally take 5 to 6 hours.”

  • - Lisa Boaz
  • Administrative Assistant, RushShelby Energy

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