Westby Co-op struggled to collaborate throughout their individual branches, departments, and their entire organization. They were relying on email, which they found slow, ineffective, and didn’t facilitate sufficent communication. Documents were impossible to find, all modifications had to go through their IT department, and they weren’t able to utilize or organize information which resulted in poor collaboration and communication across their organization. They were seeking an intranet that was more user friendly, interactive, and could be tailored to meet the needs of individual department.


Westby Co-op implemented OnSemble to help foster communication throughout branches and across departments. Previously they regularly exchanged a time consuming volume of emails and had numerous phone calls and meetings…

But now, everything is organized under its respective department or group page. Any document can simply be searched and retrieved. Tools like the Help Desk have allowed employees save a substantial amount of time every week. Time they normally would have spent collecting and analyzing data that would be convereted into a spreadsheet. Communicating across different departments and branches has never been easier, and keeping certain supervisors informed on a particular topic between meetings helps save time and increase productivity. Even employees who aren’t the most computer savvy have transitioned easily. 


The entire staff of the Westby Co-op Credit Union now has an entire Intranet system that allows them to keep their communication and collaboration in sync. It helps the training department to communicate with additional staff and get their materials in their hands in a much more efficient manner. The entire team now has stronger organization, the ability to better streamline information and have it readily accessible. Ultimately its fostered far better communication between offices, and improved collaboration across the entire credit union.

“Overall our team is always looking for a better way to communicate, a more efficient way to do their job, asking themselves: “How can I save time on this process?” With the tools that have been given to us with Passageways, we now have a lot of different avenues to be able to provide those things for our staff.” 

  • - Shelley Gunn
  • Training Coordinator, Westby Co-op Credit Union
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