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"Passageways brought our intranet beyond where we thought possible." - Bob Falk, CEO, Purdue Federal Credit Union
"A huge light went off for us when realized [OnSemble] would give us the opportunity to create common thread between all of our employees, branches, and departments. " - Bert Fisher, CEO, Our Community Credit Union
"Without a doubt, our portal and what we do with it to benefit our employees has evolved and grown to be one of the best assets of our organization." - Carlos Galvan, Employee Portal Administrator, American Airlines Credit Union
"Senior managers at our credit union really appreciated that Passageways had experience with credit unions; that was important for that decision to choose Passageways." - Kathy Dahl, Digital Marketing Specialist of Mill City Credit Union
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The Get Work Done Employee Intranet Portal

OnSemble doesn’t need a morning coffee to get going. A drag-and-drop, no programming needed, document co-authoring, one-stop-shop collaborative suite. Let’s get productive.


Ready To Actually Enjoy
Your Work?

An intranet portal that employees will love, and actually use. That’s OnSemble. An always connected hub to chat, track goals, discover the latest company news, and collaborate anywhere, on any device.

Onboarding is So Easy
You’ll Be Amazed

OnSemble is an employee that’s been there since day one, who remembers every document and procedure, that’s always ready to make new employees feel right at home because everything is always within reach.

Everyone Can Create Something Special

With OnSemble intranet software, anyone can build beautiful pages. No coding, no HTML. It’s that simple. If you can imagine it, build it. Drag, drop, be amazed, smile and be proud.
Mobile phone

OnSemble Mobile

  • Mobile Directory: Your People in Your Pocket

    OnSemble Mobile puts all of your people in your pocket. In just seconds, search anyone’s name and tap to send an email or give them a quick call. Your Mobile Directory makes finding and connecting with experts in your organization simple, providing immediate access to colleagues across your entire organization.

  • Activity Feed: Engagement on the Go

    OnSemble Mobile keeps employees engaged on the go. Keeping employees up-to-date and active even when they are offsite. The notifications feed makes staying up to date with what’s happening in the office easy.

  • Announcements: Always Be in the Know

    Always stay in the know with mobile announcements. Employees can create and share announcements from anywhere at anytime. Open your phone, start writing and post it for everyone to see.

OnSemble Customer Portal Showcase

Take a deep dive into the most creative and innovative OnSemble portals ever designed. Explore remarkable and thoughtfully organized portals that don’t require a programmer or designer, just an imagination and a mouse.

You Create The Magic

It’s the people that truly create the beautiful moments.

What do you do when SharePoint is the Problem?

Simplicity easily switched from SharePoint!
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How do you drive engagement?

Oswego's activities kept their employees engaged!
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Do employees ever say they actually love your intranet?

Fidelity Bank employees say "Yes."
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A Platform and People of Unlimited Possibilities

OnSemble is a responsive and mobile platform. It’s simple to implement however you choose. A SharePoint alternative that does more, that’s easier to use, faster to build, and fits your needs.
mobile and responsive
Mobile and Responsive
We love every device. However you work best. Laptop, desktop, and tablets. An experience unlike any other. On an Intranet unlike any other.
implementation and deployment
Implementation and Deployment
We’ll plan, build, and deploy OnSemble in a matter of weeks. We’ve done this for years, we know intranets inside out. You’ll fall in love with your intranet before we’re finished.
onpremise and hosted
On-Premise and Hosted
In-house or hosted, whatever works best for you. OnSemble is fast, flexible, and scales with your needs. What we promise is the best experience you’ve ever had.
sharepoint alternative
Sharepoint Alternative

“We took an all staff survey asking what makes your job more difficult? The overwhelming response was SharePoint.” Read The Story >>

OnSemble Does More Than a Lot

It’s all there, right out of the box

OnSemble Platform Built-in Apps



Search for anything from your intranet to your network drive through an instant index that will find every file, FAQ, project, document, guide, training manual, and report.



Listen up. Take notice. Survey and analyze feedback across teams, branches, or the whole organization within OnSemble.



Give your inbox a little break. Get announcements and group discussions directly on your intranet, specific to your team, archived with read receipts.

custom themes

Custom Themes

Brand your intranet so that it’s distinctly yours. It’s where everyone works. So display your culture across every page.

user management

User management

Setting up users doesn’t need to be a chore. It’s unbelievably simple for administrators to manage individual profiles, pull data in from your active directory, and assign permissions based on roles, teams, and workgroups. Unlimited custom profile fields.

content editor

Content Editor

No coding skills required to create rich content. Everyone can contribute to what gives your intranet life. Empower every department to share and create.



Worth more than 1000 words. Photo albums, simply imported. Just make sure they are Safe For Work.



Connected calendars that can be simply filtered. Categorize calendars by team or event types. Create, signup, and show up for those special company events or that meeting you “forgot.”

employee directory

Employee Directory

Create and customize a directory based on your organization's needs. Employees can search the directory by title, department, branch, work group, location, specialty and more.

teams and workgroups

Team & Workgroups

Your team projects sit in a single hub. To collaborate and communicate across projects. Find the information relevant for your role. Collaboration has never been this easy.

rooms and reservations

Rooms reservations

Need a room for a meeting? Checking out a laptop or camera? Limit reservations by user permissions. Directly connected with your Outlook. Everything you could possibly need to reserve rooms and supplies is streamlined directly in your intranet.

discussions and conversations

Discussion & Conversations

A forum for anyone in your organization to start a thread, ask questions, gain input, to showoff, brag about hitting your goals. It’s really up to you.



• It’s where important links live.• Need to find an FAQ? Sales Sheet?• Create a quick way to find them.• Organize documents. Customized for each page.



Create leadership blogs where management and departments share what’s important. Comment-enabled posts allow staff to engage and ask questions from within your intranet. Create an open environment for everyone.

document management

Document Management

Stay organized with an intuitive document management system that pulls files from your shared drive or SQL database. Set document permissions by roles. Check-in and checkout database documents. Version history and management, obviously.

content carousel

Content Carousel

Do you have important news? The Christmas party coming up? Keep what’s important front and center, cycling through your pages. No coding, plug it in and watch the magic.



Alerts keep you connected to events that are relevant to you within your intranet. Customize the alerts you want and how you receive them; through email, popups, text message, or the Employee Instant Messenger.

reports and analytics

Reports & Analytics

An analytics tool that provides you the metrics you need to understand the performance of your organization, to track goals, and set strategic objectives.

Built In Connectors



Document collaboration has never been so intuitive or easy. OnSemble gives you the power to engage, co-author, and collaborate across Microsoft Office documents, directly within OnSemble.

office 365

Office 365

Your favorite Office apps connected directly to your portal. Simply get work done on an intranet you will never leave.



Your outlook calendar and your intranet, a perfect marriage. Streamlined and connected calendars, across all your devices, so you never miss the important moments. On premise or with Office 365.

active directory

Active Directory

Your portal credentials are tied directly to your Active Directory. Tie your active directory fields to your OnSemble user profiles to centralize your user maintenance. There’s no login. It’s the first page when you open your browser.


Shared Drives

It’s where your critical documents reside, your intranet can’t leave your files behind. Directly integrate your intranet and shared drive so you always have access to your documents, because there’s no other way to work.

If You Can Think It, OnSemble Can Do It

Let your imagination run wild. Build it yourself, or let us build something special for you.
sales management


Allocate your organization's sales goals across employees and branches. It's directly tied to your core processor. It’s the perfect way to customize goals and provide daily progress updates without managing countless spreadsheets.

project management


Direct your projects plan, goals, milestones, resources, and deadlines with an easy to use project management solution.

referral management


Track referrals submitted by employees

invoice management


Allows an organization to manage invoices received from vendors. Track the payment of the invoices across your organization.

visitor management


Allows for the tracking of visitors to organization sites. This includes scheduling of visitors, tracking when they arrive, signing them in, and recording when they leave, as well as reporting mechanisms

time sheets


Allows for the tracking of timesheets across varying methods, including clock in, clock-out, and hours worked per day or week. Employees can submit and track the status of their own timesheets, managers can approve all time sheets through director reports. HR has access to all data for recording purposes.

Custom Connectors

symitar logo


View your data from Symitar reports in OnSemble. This connector pulls your actual data from the offline reports created by your IT team. A one way connector and does write/edit of your data in your Symitar system.

uc4 logo


View your data from Symitar reports in OnSemble. This connector pulls your actual data from the offline reports created by your IT team. A one way connector and does write/edit of your data in your Symitar system.

fuze logo

KM Fuze

A single sign-on application that allows for easy access to the KM-Fuze website without having to login every time.

adp logo


Allows for single sign-on connection to various ADP website tools.

crystal reports logo

Crystal Reports

Allows employees to run Crystal Report reports directly from the Reports section of the portal.