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The Perch is an OnSemble favorite. It bursts with a creative and modern aesthetic. It’s designed to showcase culture with a fun design, social engagement tools, and quick links.

Capital Credit Union is a customized portal designed for quick navigation. Its HR page combines quick links, single sign-on, enterprise integrations, and an employee directory while boosting engagement with employee recognition and forms.

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OnSemble doesn’t need a morning coffee to get going. A drag-and-drop, no programming needed, document co-authoring, one-stop-shop collaborative suite. Let’s get productive.

Astro, First Northern Bank of Wyoming’s mascot makes his debut in this innovative and fun portal. It’s a customized and crisp design that puts quick links, FAQs, employee recognition, and social tools at its employee's disposal.

A simple portal leveraging a clean design to keep employees coming back for more. It offers immediate access to quick links, employee social engagement, birthdays, department pages, and a dashboard that motivates employees through visual information.

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"You don’t have to have a PhD to actually create pages and do things in the portal. I am VP of lending, and I can do it.” – Aimee Glerum, Oswego Federal Credit Union’s Vice President of Lending"

The Bank of Harrisburg is a quintessentially clean and professional design. It offers an organized horizontal navigation with important information always front and center.

ILWU’s The Dock is ready to dress up and trick or treat! This fun and engaging portal had a makeover for Halloween while still sporting fast access to announcements, help desks, department pages, and quick links.

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Our top 5 applications make it easier than ever to build and manage your intranet.


The Compass is utilitarian and focused in design. It sports easy access to quick links, department microsites, calendars, employee directories, all while being easy for employees to navigate.

Simplicity Credit Union lives up to its name. One of the cleanest and easiest to navigate portals we have ever seen, it offers immediate access to quick links, department pages, directories, forms & procedures, help desks, alerts, and links.

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