Tools and Apps

Easy employee collaboration starts with an amazing toolkit. OnSemble's Apps are purpose built for financial institutions. Once you're started, you'll wonder how you ever worked without them.


Drive your planning by creating visually rich charts and gauges that track key performance metrics across your organization. From Excel, to SQL databases, it presents up to the minute information.

Vendor Management

Manage contracts and never worry about audits. Easily manage all your vendor information directly from your intranet. Set future notifications to remind you of renewals and contract expirations.

Products and Services

A centralized resource for all product and services information that your financial institution offers. Critical for new employee training. Necessary for exceptional service.


OnSemble handles the logistics of electronic forms. Whether you are requesting time off or getting a new employee started, it handles the distribution and tracks the status from start to finish.

Expense Reports

Seamlessly route expense reports through a secure system that tracks its progress. The accounting department can review, pay, and download all expense reports.

Help Desks

Help Desks are a flexible request management for limitless department, group, charity drive, referrals, and more.

Enterprise Instant Messenger

Instantly collaborate with anyone across a secure companywide instant messaging solution. Equipped with an expert locator tool to find a specialist in your organization.

Lobby Management

From a simple touch of a screen, all the way through the queue, to the frontline staff and beyond, Lobby Management creates an amazing experience across branches.

Learning Management

From class-room training, to SCORM courses, and in-house tests: set career goals and streamline employee training. Compliance audits cease to be nightmares.

Supply Order Management

Handle all your office supply needs directly within your intranet. Determine what supplies need to be ordered and manage existing inventory

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition lets you publicly recognizing your colleagues for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Employee Directory

Create and customize a directory based on your organization's needs. Employees can search the directory title, departments, branch, work group, location, specialty and more.

Sales Management

Allocate your organization's sales goals across employees and branches. It's directly tied to your core processor. It’s the perfect way to customize goals and provide daily progress updates without managing countless spreadsheets.

Single Sign On

OnSemble securely stores your login info for your other systems and solutions. Fewer IDs to remember, more time getting business done.

Service and Support

We are dedicated to creating the best intranet. That doesn’t stop at having the best tools. It demands dedicated Customer Success Managers who are with you every day. Exceptional Support. And industry leading consulting services.

Consulting Servies

Consulting Services provides tailored solutions to adapt your business to changing technology needs. If you have envisioned a business process, then we will work closely with you to deliver the technology solution to make it a reality.

Designated Customer Success Manager

From day one, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure your intranet is built to meet your needs. That it stays relevant, useful, and provides you a consistent return on your investment.

Guided Implementation

We are experts at creating intranets. We brings years of experience to the table. We will guide you through planning and provide industry best practices to ensure your implementation meets your strategic goals.

Onsite Services and Consultations

Your Customer Success Manager will continue to work directly with your team to identify new ways for you to drive value from OnSemble. They are experts who will visit for executive business reviews, training, or new team onboarding.

Free Weekly Trainings

Whether you’re just getting your intranet started, learning a new product, or need a refresher, our free weekly trainings are available to all our customers and offer an opportunity to ask any questions that arise.

Online Help Center and Community

The OnSemble Community has the perfect resources to discover new ways to enhance your intranet. It connects you to a broader community so you can learn and share with one and other.

24x7 Emergency Support Services

Unlimited 24/7 emergency support, direct from our headquarters. You will get timely help from a team that takes prides in their 99% satisfaction rating.

U.S. Based Phone Support

If you ever need help, our amazing team is standing ready to chat with you from 8am to 8pm ET.

Browser Support and Security

Support for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer version 9 and above.

User Security

Integrated authentication with windows. Role-based access control for workgroups, documents, and more.

Social Groups

The best work is done in a collaborative environment. It’s how employees innovate. When employees are connected and working together, the results simply speak for themselves.


Collaboration is interactive. It isn’t a one-way exercise. It’s a back and forth. OnSemble includes: company wide polls, shared calendars, announcements, conversations, team and department pages.

Social Tools

Your employees are social! Be social directly within your intranet. Follow the activities of your colleagues, workgroups, blogs, apps, and department pages. Always be connected with what’s important to you.

Rich User Profiles

Create a profile of who you are, what you’re good at, and what you do. Connect, follow, discover. It’s a fully searchable page to tell your story.

Team Collaboration

Your team projects sit in a single hub. To collaborate and communicate across projects. Find the information relevant for your role. Collaboration has never been this easy.


Alerts keep you connected to events that are relevant to you within your intranet. Customize the alerts you want and how you receive them; through email, popups, text message, or the Employee Instant Messenger.

Content Tools

Design an intranet that works for you. That reflects your culture. Where employees engage and create, together. It’s about collaborating anywhere with anyone.

Customizable Branding

Brand your intranet so that it’s distinctly yours. It’s where everyone works. So display your culture across every page.


Search for anything from your portal to your network drive through an instant index that will find every file, FAQ, project, document, guide, training manual, and report.

Content Management

No coding skills required to create rich content. Everyone can contribute to what gives your intranet life. Empower every department to share and create.

Management Blogs

Create leadership blogs where management and departments share what’s important. Comment-enabled posts allow staff to engage and ask questions from within your intranet. Create an open environment for everyone.

Document Management

OnSemble pulls your critical documents from across your network drive, database, and SharePoint into the same solution you use for everything else. You’ll have granular control over document permissions. Do the best work you’ve ever done, together.

Connect For SharePoint

Document collaboration has never been so intuitive or easy. OnSemble gives you the power to engage, co-author, and collaborate across Microsoft Office documents, directly within OnSemble.

Rich Text and Image Editor

Creating vibrant images to engage employees with the content you create. Just drag and drop to create a page that is captivating and alive. After all, pictures speak 1000 words.

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