Community bank leaders, boards, and their committees are grappling with the unforeseen challenges and implications brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Amidst this crisis, while working remotely is a new status quo, community banks are navigating a phenomenal increase in consumer and commercial lending requests. From forbearance requests to SBA & PPP loan applications, from loan restructuring to wire transfer requests - your remote lending department members and loan committees are dealing with extremely large volumes.
We were joined by Jason J. Hyska, Senior Vice President - Retail Lending at Sturgis Bank & Trust as he shared the best practices, tips, and insights on how lending departments can navigate this crisis while working remotely using their virtual board meeting management software.

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Jason J. Hyska,

Vice President & Head of Retail Lending, Sturgis Bank & Trust

Jason has 24 years experience in community banking and has worked his way up the ranks.  Today he heads the retail lending department at Sturgis Bank & Trust. Jason obtained his finance degree and later attended the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, Wisconsin, to obtain his banking degree. He is a respected leader by his peers and in the Bronson community.

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