What Makes OnBoard Next Gen?

It does more than any board portal, ever.

Cloud Performance, Security, & Speed

OnBoard was engineered to deliver performance, security, and simplicity through the Cloud. That means it works from any browser, backed by industry leading Azure Security, and auto-saves your interactions so you never lose your work.

Upgrade OnBoard on Your Schedule

Board schedules vary, and the last thing you need is to show up to a meeting and discover everyone needs to update their OnBoard app. That’s why OnBoard gives each organization control over when to deploy the latest OnBoard releases to their directors and staff.

Any File Just Works

Whether your board needs a complex spread sheet or just to the facts PDF, you can connect any type of file to your board book: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Google Docs, One Drive, YouTube, and more.

Face ID & Touch ID Security

Your board materials security is absolutely paramount. That’s why OnBoard works with Face ID and Touch ID technologies on Apple devices to authenticate users before they enter OnBoard. Better yet, you’ll never worry about forgetting your password.

Integrations With The Apps You Love

OnBoard boasts integrations with the apps you love and use every day. It integrates with Outlook to keep your calendars aligned, it works seamlessly with Word when drafting minutes, and streamlines book building with One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox Integrations.

We Support Every Device You Use

We were the first to market with a dedicated iPhone app. We didn’t stop there. OnBoard runs flawlessly across PCs, phones, and tablets; with dedicated apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Amazon Fire.

Ask More From Your Board Portal

Next Gen In-Depth

  • Work Together
  • Annotations
  • Book Builder
  • Integrations
Cloud-First: Work Together Without Worry

OnBoard’s next gen cloud architecture is engineered to enable everyone to work together to create, distribute, and review board materials. An administrator in Chicago and a CFO in New York can update the board book simultaneously. Never having to press save.

It’s like using Google Docs or Office 365 – you will never lose your work. It’s the best way to “co-author” without going through the version nightmares of older board portals.

This technology enables director to takes notes on their iPhone and have it immediately sync to the cloud, seamlessly appearing on any of their other devices (iPad, desktop, etc)

Write By Hand, Type a Note, Share to Anyone

Our Next Generation Annotations too enables directors and leaders to simply start a conversation about any aspect of their board books. The ability to share these next gen notes are all part of a greater whole when it comes to creating a more collaborative experience.

What makes our Shared Annotations so advanced is the type of content that can be shared. In older board portals, only typed notes were sharable; OnBoard is the only board portal that lets users share all types of annotations, digital notes, free-hand notes, and highlights.

Next Gen annotations include advanced styling, complete searchability of all annotation types, and an easy way to see who you are sharing annotations with.


OnBoard’s Next Gen Integrations connects your board portal to a variety of cloud applications you already use and love. OnBoard connects seamlessly to Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, Outlook, Word, and more.

It’s vital that your board portal just works, and that means connecting to the solutions you already use. It means that you won’t spend hours learning a new platform or migrating all your data. If you use it to get work done, it will connect with OnBoard.

The Fastest Board Book Builder Ever Made

OnBoard’s Next Gen Book Builder empowers administrators and executive assistants to easily create a dynamic agenda and board book. Working on their iPad, PC, or Desktop, administrators have powerful cloning tools to use a previous agenda as a new canvas. Even more powerfully, OnBoard can take a Word Document Agenda and transform it into a meeting outline.

As administrators amend any section of the board book, their work is automatically saved across the platform. OnBoard is the only board portal on the market engineered to automatically save as your work, designed for multiple authors to work simultaneously. These tools ensure that the board is never waiting on the entire board book; administrators can partially publish what is ready when it’s ready.


The Only Board Portal

Designed To Be Picked Up & Just Work


Designed To Make Meetings More Strategic: As They Are Meant To Be

OnBoard is purpose built for mobile. It’s next generation design makes meeting more than operational presentations, it turns them into strategic working sessions.

With clear design, meetings become more productive, board book access becomes amazingly intuitive, archives are readily accessible, votes can easily be taken, minutes entered, all so you have time to devote to thoughtful deliberations.

Time savings—the result of improved collaboration before and during a meeting—is the single most important benefit an intuitive, next generation, platform can provide your board.

Designed With You in Mind

A flat and simple design makes navagating the board book amazingly easy.

Find Exactly What You Need

A quick tap to the agenda reveals every supporting document to a section, giving you instant access without digging through 100s of pages.

Connect With Colleagues

Every member of the board or committee meeting is highlighted above the agenda. Tap their portrait to reveal their profile and full contact information.

Every Document In Your Pocket

Your organizations resource library will securely contain every significant document you need to effectively govern.

OnBoard is the most accessable board portal ever, designed for everyone.

Because It's Cloud

You Can Try Before You Buy


Meetings As
They Should Be.

Strategic, Without Distraction.


Auto Save

Multiple people can collaborate together when the agenda is being created. The board book builds and updates in real-time. Never lose your work. Never over ride a previous version.



The Dashboard is the personalized homepage for every organization. Quickly examinine upcoming meetings, instant one-touch access to supplementary materials and announcements.


Customer Scheduled Upgrades

Whenever an OnBoard release is implemented, administrators are offered the option to immediately deploy the release across the entire organization or simply schedule for a later date.


Always Insync Notes & Annotations

Your notes and annotations automatically sync between every device. Take a note on your iPhone and it will be immediately available on every other device.


Face ID & Touch ID Login Security

Your board materials security is absolutely paramount. That’s why OnBoard works with Face ID and Touch ID on Apple devices to authenticate users before they enter OnBoard.



eSignatures provide a fast, secure, and accurate identification alternative for signatures, all while keeping your records compliant.


Universal Compatibility

No matter what device you love, it works with OnBoard. You can create a board book on your Macbook, send it to your CEO to review on his Android phone, and upload documents from your home PC.


Secure Approvals and Voting

Approve the annual budget, amend the bylaws, adopt employee benefits, any board actions can be voted on directly within OnBoard.


Two-Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication, your OnBoard account can only be accessed by verifying your identity using a second method, separate from your password.

“We were dealing with a group of board members who were highly engaged, executives at their own companies, and we needed to get them information in real-time, quickly, that they could use anywhere, not just during our meetings.”

-David Mooney, President and CEO, Alliant Federal Credit Union

David Mooney