The Basics

One Compiled Book for directors. Your entire board book sits directly within a single digital file, eliminating the need to bounce between various reports and compendiums. Quickly move between section to review notes. It’s all right there, in one place.

Annotation Tools ensure your notes and ideas are accessible and private. Draft notes by hand and highlight important passages that are then securely stored and can only be shared at your own discretion. The Annotation Summary Tool can be viewed at anytime to give you a bird's eyes view of all your notes.

Stay in Control of Your Meeting

Agenda Driven Meetings focus your users on efficiently completing the task at hand. You are given control over the duration of each section of your meeting and who is responsible for guiding those involved, reducing anxiety and keeping everyone focused. The suite of tools includes a powerful search function to parse your previous meetings for details, hyperlinked text that pulls the readers attention to neccessary information outside of your board book, and seamless access to your meeting roller that allows for contextual decisions. 

Presenter Mode hides your personal annotations and thoughts as you guide your meeting. 

Multi-Board Support structure your entire organization, from your board to your committees, using a single familiar interface.

Offline Access means your next trip to the beach can also be productive, if you want, and that once you reconnect to the internet all notes are automatically synced.

Touch ID an innovative and simple way to securely access all your board materials from your iPad with only a touch of a finger.

Think. Share. Build.

Secure Electronic Voting is the easiest voting tool you’ve ever experienced, allowing for fast and accurate decision making. It’s the central location to record results and create and export an official record for your organization. 

The Resource Center securely hosts your organizations policies, bylaws, minutes, and files within OnBoard. Control who can access those materials through a role-based permission system. 

Attendance Tool express your intent to attending your next meeting, and export an official record of who was present.  


Smart Navigation take your own path to exactly where you need to go. OnBoard lets you breeze through your material to get exactly what you are looking for precisely when you need it. 

Create, Update, Distribute, With Just A Few Clicks

Intuitive Book Creation is the easiest way ever developed to rapidly create an agenda, drag and drop your documents to build a personalized board book, and copy your previous materials to quickly create your next meeting. 

Detailed Meetings comprehensive meeting information, including dates, location, times, and RSVP. Rich user profiles inform everyone in the meeting of who is in attendance.

Archive makes legal compliance easier than ever, ensuring past meeting records cannot be altered.

Always Up To Date means you will only have the have the most current edition of your meeting materials. No more last minute compendiums that can slow a meeting down. 

ROI Calculator displays a continuous rolling counter of the number of trees you save by using OnBoard instead of paper. It's an unprecedented look at your environmental impact while providing you a real time understanding of the money you save.

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