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Partnering with Microsoft, OnBoard offers world-class security. Nothing short of the most secure industry-leading security measures are acceptable today. That’s what we offer because we understand that no matter how cool our products, without security, those features wouldn’t matter. Your data is always protected, in the Cloud and on the Ground. 


In The Cloud

Encrypted Data in Transit

Our datacenters utilize industry-leading standards for data in transit between a user's device and the datacenters. Traffic is always encrypted between the cloud and end user.

Encrypted Data at Rest
The cloud servers are armed with AES-256 protection, considered among the top ciphers and a level of protection approved for top-secret data.

Data Compliance
Broad international information security standards are enforced to ensure compliance, including but not limited to: ISO 27001/27002, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 and SOC 2.

24 hour Continuous Monitoring
Microsoft Datacenters are physically constructed, managed, and continuously monitored to prevent unauthorized access to your data and protect your data from environmental threats. Security Specalists 
analyzes systems to provide continues visibility and alerts to the teams who monitor cloud data. Their teams ensure that datacenters are uncompromised.

Intrusion Detection and DDoS Protection
Intrusion detection and Distributed Denial of Service Defenses are built into the network, keeping your data secure and services online.

Complete Antivirus/Anti-Malware Protection
Antivirus  and Anti-malware is built-in to cloud services to identify and remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software and provide real time threat protection.


On The Ground

Breach Monitoring
Security experts run simulated attacks to develop counter measures and stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Incident Response
Your data is protected by an incident response team trained to work against threats and monitor attacks.

Passwords are stored with SHA 256
All passwords are stored using SHA256, a cryptographic hash functions designed by the NSA.

Asymmetric Public and Private Key
Data is encrypted using a method that ensures that when data is received no one else may have access to that requested data.

Granular Access Permission Model
System access is restricted based on assigned privileges. Information will only be accessible to those you have provided appropriate permissions.

 Remote Wipe
If your iPad is lost or stolen, you can erase all the contents of the device using your Apple ID on Apple’s iCloud.com.

Biometric Touch ID security
The only password that can’t be stolen is your own fingerprint. OnBoard utilizes Touch ID to offer the most comprehensive security measure ever developed.

Offline Pin
When signing in without an internet connection you must enter an established offline pin.

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