We were joined by First National Bank Texas’ Administrative Officer, Paula Sheamer, to share their incredible story of how board meeting technology drove a 272% ROI and improved compliance across their organization. Paula’s 7+ years of experience managing boards proved essential as First National searched for a board meeting solution.

Their story illustrates a growing trend, the widespread increase in the adoption of boardroom technology. Every industry has found that meeting technology not only eliminates paper, ends last-minute-changes, and helps save substantial time – but that board portals empower executives to engage their board and further leverage their expertise. That’s why First National decided to invest in OnBoard.

In this interactive webinar we will explore:
• The value of board meeting technology
• How OnBoard cut paper waste and improved compliance,
• How First National scaled the meeting technology to 16 committees
• How OnBoard drove a 272% ROI
Watch Now! This is the perfect opportunity to see first-hand how board meeting technology can quickly drive measurable results.

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