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eBooks & White Papers
Board Management Software Buyer's Guide

Everything you need to know when selecting a board management provider: features, security, vendor quality, & more.

Virtual Meeting Toolkit Dark Cover
The Virtual Meeting Toolkit: How To Meet Remotely, Even When Apart

Best practices and insights on running effective and productive virtual board meetings.

White Paper: Everything You Need To Know About Meeting Minutes

How to Write Effective Meeting Minutes and Create Value in the Boardroom.

Information Management White Paper
Information Management

How to Think & Act Like a Professional Information Manager.

Next Gen Board Portal Redux
Board Portals: A Guide To Next Generation Meeting Solutions

How to Select a Vendor and the Evolution of Meeting Technology.

The Definitive Guide to Better Board Meetings
eBook: The Definitive Guide to Better Board Meetings

A Free Guide From Board Veterans for The Best Meetings You’ll Ever Had.

White Paper: Smart Diversity

Board Composition as a Competitive Advantage

Everything You Need to Know About eDiscovery
White Paper: Everything You Need to Know About eDiscovery

A Primer on eDiscovery And How It Affects Board Meetings

White Paper: Secure Board Material Preparation

Strategies to Securely Deliver Materials via Paper, email, & Board Portals.

Secure Collaboration For Increased Board Effectivness
White Paper: Security in the Boardroom

Secure Collaboration for Increased Board Effectiveness.

13 Myths About the Cloud
13 Myths About The Cloud

Dispelling the All Too Commons Myths About Cloud Computer.

Cyber Security Best Practices For Your Remote Workfoce
COVID -19 & Cybersecurity: Best Practices for Your Remote Workforce

insights on remote work and cybersecurity best practices for government offices to consider while navigating COVID-19.

Moving To An Effective Virtual Loan Approvals
Moving to an Effective Virtual Loan Approval Process

How one bank is navigating this crisis to quickly and effectively manage their loan approval processes – from home.

Strategic Risk Management for Success
Strategic Risk Management for Successful Mergers & Acquisitions

We will discuss current M&A issues and strategies for effective risk mitigation.

Life After WeWork
Life After WeWork

The lessons that directors and leaders should takeaway from WeWorks failed IPO.

Building an Effective Board of Directors

How do boards learn, grow and thrive in this new governance paradigm?

Proven ROI of Meeting Technology:
The Proven ROI of Board Meeting Technology

A Board Initiative That Bolstered Compliance With a 272% ROI.

Build an Effective Board of Directors 3
Building an Effective Board of Directors

How Leaders & Board Should Create an Experienced ‘Go-To’ Team.

Maximizing Meeting Best Practices
Maximizing Meetings: Best Practices for Boards

Meetings Are Often Lost Opportunities, But They Don't Need To Be.

How The Best Boards are Made
How The Best Boards Are Made 1

Guest Kris Veaco Offers on Creating a New Generation of Board Leaders.

How The Best Boards are Made II
How The Best Boards Are Made 2

Guest Denise Kuprionis on How a Diverse Board Give a Competitive Edge.

Cyber Security Five Best Practices
Cybersecurity: Five Best Practices for Boards of Directors

Guest Gary Steele, Leading Cybersecurity, Expert on Shielding Your Board Online.

6 Fundimentals
6 Fundamentals of Success

Guest Stuart R. Levine on Creating a Culture of Results.

5 eDiscovery Risks For Your Board To Avoid
5 eDiscovery Risks to Avoid in Your Board Communications

Guest Kelly Twigger on Protecting Your Board Against eDiscovery Risks.

Lead Your Culture or Your Culture Will Lead You
Lead Your Culture or Your Culture Will Lead You

Steven Rice from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Leadership & Culture.

Evaluation of Board Meeting Technology
Evolution of Board Meeting Technologies

Evolution from Meeting Technology: Paper to the iPad and Between.

Culture Webinar
Transforming Corporate Culture to Minimize Risk & Improve Valuation

How today's leaders influence culture, innovation, and customer service.

Case Studies
Downey Federal Credit Union

An 80-Year-Old Director Finds Delight in OnBoard's Simplicity.

Sturgis Bank and Trust OnBoard
Sturgis Bank & Trust Company

How Sturgis Bank Accelerated Loan Processing and Reduce Meetings by 75%

FNTB Final
First National Bank of Texas

Learn how OnBoard Drove a 272% ROI at First National Bank Texas

College of Saint Benedict

A Transition to AGB OnBoard Improves A Universities Governance.

Pan American Case Study and Video
Pan American Bank & Trust

"OnBoard really changed us as an organization."

Visions Case Study
Visions Federal Credit Union

"The importance of two-factor authentication became a priority."

Alliant Case Study
Alliant Credit Union

Improving Collaboration Across Committees and Cities.

CLEAR Case Study
Council on Licensure, Enforcement & Regulation

The CLEAR Choice for Governance Excellence.

Forward Bank

Survey Says: Forward Bank Improves Board Meetings With OnBoard Surveys & Questionnaires.

Interra Case Study
Interra Credit Union

A Credit Union's Success Results in a Vow to Never Return to Paper.

Milikin Case Study
Millikin University

A New School of Thought Leads a University to a 26% ROI.

Nickluas Case Study
Nicklaus Children's Hospital

A Leading Hospital Creates a to Secure Collaborative Environment.

MDC Case Study
Members Development Company

An 80 Attendee Meeting Seamlessly Transitions to OnBoard.

Estacado Case Study
Case Study: Estacado Federal Credit Union

A Leading Credit Union Cuts Out Paper Making Meetings Easy.

Kenya Maritime Authority Case Study
Case Study: Kenya Maritime Authority

A Culture of Success with Real Savings.

National Housing Corporation Case Study
National Housing Corporation

How Going Paperless Created a Secure Boardroom Experience.

OnBoard 4-Minute Overview Video
4-Minute OnBoard Overview Video

A Complete Governance Solution for Directors, Executives, and Administrators.

Director Compilation Video
Why Real Directors Love OnBoard

Hear why directors, trustees, and board chairs love OnBoard.

Dr Potter
DFCU Board Director, Dr. Edward Potter

"I am 80-years-old and I love OnBoard. I think OnBoard is the answer to better."

Gary Cover Art Resource Page
Gary Lehman, Purdue Trustee, Chairman of North Central Health Services

“On all the board’s I’m involved with that use OnBoard, the directors are much more engaged."

Beth Resource Page
Beth Bechdol, President, CEO, and Board Director

Beth shares how OnBoard drives value as she uses it across multiple boards.

College of New Jersey Case study Video
Heather Fehn, The College of New Jersey

Heather Fehn Discusses the Value Her Trustees Immediately Experienced.

Stan Hanstad
DFCU Board Director, Stan Hanstad

"I love it. And I can do board work anyplace in the world. It’s an amazing thing."

Alliant Credit Union CEO
Alliant CEO David Mooney

How Alliant Has Transformed Their Remote Meetings With OnBoard.

Pan American Case Video
Pan American Bank EVP & COO

"I am telling you, OnBoard really changed us as an organization."

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Excellus Bluecross Blueshield Administrator Mary Hodge

It's proved so easy and accessible that "Everyone should be using OnBoard."

Free Meeting Tools
Remote & Virtual Meeting Legal Database
Remote & Virtual Meeting Legal Database

The only comprehensive survey of all state laws around remote and virtual meetings.

Vendor Comparison Sheet 2020 Master
Board Management Software Vendor Comparison Worksheet

An interactive vendor comparison worksheet to evaluate board software

Board Skills Matrix Template

The Assessment Matrix Assess Your Board's skills, background, and Experiences.

Board Meeting Agenda Template

Develop an Agenda That's Focused on Creating a Purpose Driven Meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes Template

This Minutes Template Provides Your Board Best Practices for Good Governance.