Board Portals A Guide To Next Generation Meeting Solutions

Why should a board of directors make do with inferior technology? Why should our private and public-sector leaders be wed to providers whose business models hamper their ability to deliver a truly useful user experience? The truth is, your board cannot afford it.  

We explore what to look for in a board portal provider, how board portals evolved over the generations from the PC-centric to the cloud and mobile, and finally, what emerging technologies cloud-first board portals are primed to incorporate.

You'll learn: 

What to look for in a board portal provider and to know which questions to ask to be an informed buyer  

The Generation of Board Portals: an in-depth look into the technology behind board portal platforms  

How cloud-first engineering opened up possibilities that were unheard of for second generation board portals  

What the board room of the future look like: Digital assistants, smart-bots, and AI  

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