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If you want your board meetings to improve, for your directors time to be spent more effectively, and for your meetings be more productive: this is the eBook for you. You're only 5 minutes away from seeing how your board stacks up. In "How The Best Boards Do It," Passageways set out to create a system for you to measure your board's effectiveness and then provide insight on how the best meetings are run. From beginning to end, this eBook will show you how to improve your board meetings through preparation and exact execution. Discover how the best boards extract value from every meeting they hold.


  • •  A 5 minute board meeting assessment: see how your board stacks up 
  • •  A step by step guide to improve your board, written by board meeting experts
  • •  From start to finish, how to prepare and execute the best board meeting
  • •  How board meeting software has revolutionized the way boards make decisions 

“The first meeting we had, the experience was not of that of a technology, the experience was a board meeting. Directors didn’t even realize that we didn’t have to put any effort into learning OnBoard, even administrators put very little effort into learning. We were just like Holy Cow, everybody’s already got their meeting set up. It just started happening.”

  • - Randy Blackburn
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Pan American Bank

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