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Upcoming Webinar

Tuesday, Sept 26th at 2pm EST/11am PT,Passageways will be joined by Kirk Drake, Author and Founder of Credit Union 2.0, which provides credit unions with the tools, playbook, and strategies they need to excite their members and be competitive in today’s digital age. Bringing over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kirk is a true credit union visionary and technology enthusiast!

On this webinar, you will get the answers of how to compete in the digital age::

  1. What is the state of the industry?
  2. Is the old way of thinking bringing new members to the door?
  3. How do we change it?
  4. What do members expect?
  5. What is a CU to do? The “DREAM” Method!
  6. And, a new strategy starts with the Board
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Recorded Webinar

Passageways was joined by Peter Gleason, President and CEO of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), which empowers more than 17,000 directors, including 87% of organizations in the Fortune 1000, to lead with confidence and be well-prepared for tomorrow’s challenges in the boardroom. Stuart R. Levine, Chairman and CEO of Stuart Levine & Associates, international best-selling leadership author, governance expert and C-suite/board advisor moderated this incredible learning opportunity.

On this webinar, board directors, senior executives and aspiring board members/leaders will learn best practices::

  1. Essentials for board meeting pre-planning
  2. Creating an agenda and materials distribution
  3. Planning Executive Sessions
  4. Facilitating to ensure participation of all board members
  5. Understanding the role of the director in both strategy and succession planning
  6. Staying true to the agenda while enabling critical discussions for best time utilization
  7. Holding management accountable for developing leadership capacity
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