The Passageways Community

Passageways has always held a firm belief that by sharing best practices in an open and transparent format, everyone benefits. We want to engage our customers to collaborate with their peers, as well as our knowledgeable Passageways staff, in our product customized Communities. 

Our customers have leveraged our tools as solutions for various business needs and continue to fascinate us with their unique and creative use of our tools. Our online communities are great resources to discover new ways to enhance your Passageways product experience by constantly learning from your peers! The Community also gives our customers a voice. Tell us what you think of our products and what we can do to enrich user experience!

The OnSemble Community

Ever wonder how other Passageways customers enhanced their OnSemble Employee Intranet experience during implementation, Portal re-launches, or tips on how to increase ROI? Check out the Community and find resources that have been validated by our informed Employee Intranet customers! The Community allows for our customers to engage with and obtain answers from an enthusiastic crowd.

The OnBoard Community

With the OnBoard community, connect with other Board of Directors members and Administrative Assistants. Learn how to optimize your board experience, get tips about book creation, voting optimizations, and more, as well as hear from others how they’re using OnBoard. Directors can join together in conversations to enhance their board meeting experience with understanding of how other boards are conducting their own and how they are capturing director involvement by using OnBoard.