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As your organization gets back to business, we’re investing in your recovery by helping you reimagine virtual collaboration. Leaders need to effectively plan and govern today. Yet they’re stretched thin by more work than ever and with tight budgets. That’s why we’re offering 3 months of OnBoard for free – when you purchase before the end of the year
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OnBoard is a comprehensive and secure board management platform that helps you govern more effectively. To have better, more strategic board and leadership meetings. It drives real-time collaboration and helps you accomplish more outside of meetings. Join more than 2,000+ global companies who govern using our platform.

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2x Stevie Winner of Governance Solution

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The Most Complete Virtual Collaboration Platform

How OnBoard Helps Board & Committee Meetings, From Anywhere

OnBoard helps leaders collaborate efficiently — any place, on every device, at any time. And it’s the most robust governance platform ever built, integrating seamlessly with tools like: Zoom, eSignatures, Voting, Secure Messaging, and more.

Zoom Integration

Board Actions

eSignatures, Voting, & Surveys

Unlimited File Storage

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Secure Messenger

Any Device Access

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Notes & Annotations

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Engagement Analytics


Instant Device Sync

Minutes Builder

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When real people are given the opportunity to evaluate OnBoard, they enthusiastically rate it the best board meeting software. In every category. 

Susan Robertson,
Susan Robertson,ASAE President & CEO
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"Boards, committees, and other deliberative bodies need to be able to conduct secure, focused, effective, and productive meetings. They can do that by using OnBoard’s comprehensive suite of secure virtual meetings tools."
Dr. Edward Potter
Dr. Edward PotterDirector, Downey Federal Credit Union
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"I am 80-years-old and I love OnBoard. OnBoard was the miracle that changed our organization. OnBoard has changed our entire board meetings - they much shorter, more efficient, and lots more fun. When I meet directors still using paper, I ask, wouldn't you like to do better? And I think OnBoard is the answer to better."
Beth Bechdol
Beth BechdolPresident & CEO, AgriNovus Indiana
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"I have personally gone through the evolution from paper, to email folders, to now fully online, accessible, anytime OnBoard system... You'll be surprised at what kind of efficiency this brings.OnBoard would definitely be something that I think a board of any size, any caliber, any shape or form should think about incorporating."
Gary Lehman
Gary LehmanPurdue Trustee, Chairman of North Central Health Services, and Director at the Purdue Research Foundation
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"OnBoard can get you the information in a timely manner, one's that convenient for you, & one that is accurate up to the second... What is nice I can use my iPad or phone while traveling, & everything is readily available "
Deborah Gibson
Deborah GibsonOffice Manager Ontario Chiropractic Association
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“OnBoard made my job a lot easier! Our experience has been nothing but positive. OnBoard is such a simple and intuitive product, we had a board meeting very shortly after signing on - I was able to build and circulate the agenda and board materials within the first day of implementing the product. I have not received any complaints from the board members.”

Manage and Execute Work at Every Level of Scale

Key Capabilities That Power Governance

OnBoard’s key capabilities work in concert to enable board professionals to execute their governance responsibilities and accelerate decision-making.

Buyers Guide 2

A Comprehensive Exploration of the Board Software Market

This guide is here to help you navigate the often-confusing world of board management software. Written for anyone considering board management software for the first time or looking to replace an old and expensive provider.

Topics Covered

Features, Capabilities, & Security

Product Design & Director Adoption

How to Avoid Zombie Providers & Find a Partner

How To Make The Business Case

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