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Key Takeaways

  • New OnBoard Messenger puts simple, secure, and private group messaging at Board members’ fingertips.
  • There’s no separate app to install because everything is built into OnBoard.
  • Messenger ensures Board members arrive at meetings better prepared.

Imagine this typical scenario:

  • You’re a Board director looking for quarterly financial data in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting.
  • You need to contact the Board Treasurer for the data, but don’t know how to reach her.
  • When you do finally track down the Treasurer’s email address, you stop to ask yourself: Should I really be asking for sensitive financial info like this over email?

Typical? Yes. Hypothetical? No.

Rather than trust inherently unsecure methods like email, SMS, or social media, OnBoard customers can now find the answers they need using our brand new Messenger tool. Accessible from within the main OnBoard application, Messenger provides Board members and executives with quick access to their colleagues for answers, clarification, and instant communications. Since it’s all built-in, there’s no need to install another app.

“Messenger is one of those tools that Board directors and executives are going to wonder how they ever conducted meetings without,” says Doug Wilson, Vice President of Product for Passageways. “It puts instant, secure communications right at their fingertips.”

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In addition to enabling faster communication, Messenger also enables easy, secure collaboration before meetings. This allows leaders to keep their meetings from getting sidetracked and conversations focused on important decision-making during meetings.

Messenger helps ensure Board members arrive prepared,” says Karissa Fritz, Director of OnBoard Customer Success. “Using Messenger to get routine tasks done ahead of time and collaborate before meetings, Boards free up time for more strategic discussion since everyone arrives ready for discussion.”

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Based on an independent survey, nearly 8 out of 10 Board directors state that technology is important to incorporate into the boardroom, Passageways has been working on incorporating new features that Boards are eager to embrace. Messenger is just the latest step in this process, with more to come soon.

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