What is a Board Portal?

A Board portal is dedicated board meeting management software that digitize the meeting experience. Board portals facilitate collaboration between directors, administrators, and management by utilizing a secure-cloud infrastructure to deliver digital meeting materials to phones, tablets, and PCs. Board portals provides boards and leadership software that transforms meetings from operational presentations to strategic working sessions.

  • Empowers leaders to use technology to make intelligent and informed decisions to achieve their institution’s strategic goals.
  • Facilitate the creation and distribution of board materials
  • Enhance collaboration around meeting logistics
  • Securely deliver board materials to director’s devices
  • Improving the review of board materials by the directors
  • Improve the actual board meeting by streamlining the mundane and opening up significantly more time for strategic discussions
  • Facilitate important board actions such as voting, minutes approvals, and board assessments
Features & Capabilities of

Board Portals

  • Anytime, Any Device, Workflows: Read, review, and annotate your board materials as it suits your work-life style. Anywhere, anytime, and on any device: iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Fire, laptop, and Windows Surface.

  • Search, Notes, & Annotations: Easily add your thoughts and changes by highlighting, touching, and typing. Your notes and ideas are always accessible, private, searchable, and synced across all your devices.

  • Dashboard: Participants have a single place to access their most pertinent materials. Quickly examining upcoming meetings, board materials, and announcements.

  • Seamless Board Book Builder: Build a board book in minutes instead of hours. Clone out previous meetings to quickly drag and drop your meeting files into new meetings.

  • Resource Center: Place the annual report, corporate policies, bylaws, corporate charter, and all your key documents into a central location that's always one click away.

  • Real-Time Syncing: As multiple people collaborate together, the board book builds and updates in real-time. Never lose your data.

  • Multi-Board Support: Directors often sit on more than a single board. Board Portals allow directors to quickly move between organizations.

  • eSignatures: eSignatures offers the same legal status and protections as a hand-written signature.

What To Look For in a

Board Portal

Before you purchase a board portal, before you commit your board to a long-term contract, it’s imperative to understand what to look for in a board portal provider and to know which questions to ask as an informed buyer. After all, changing course, particularly in your boardroom, can be extremely taxing. So what should you look for? When searching for a reliable board portal provider, you should examine the robustness of the platform and the years of experience of the vendor (There are also helpful tools available to see whether a board portal is right for your board).

A great platform is defined by its ability to promote collaboration, deliberation, and improve board flow. This is important for a variety of reasons; not the least of which is directors are already pressed for time at board meetings. Consider this excerpt from a report from McKinsey:  

“Most boards have about six to eight meetings a year and are often hard pressed to get beyond compliance-related topics to secure the breathing space needed for developing strategy.  When we recently surveyed board members to learn where they’d most like to spend additional time, two out of three picked strategy. A related finding was that 44 percent of directors said their boards simply reviewed and approved management’s proposed strategies.”

To truly make room for deliberations, to create a world-class board, you need to ensure your board portal is designed to provide directors more time to hold strategic discussions. That means efficiency is key. In particular, the speed that you build a book and the way you access and securely prepare for the meeting should result in real-time savings. When done right, the platform should allow for collaborative board meeting preparation. It should also provide directorship immediate access to review information or last-minute updates anywhere, on any device, so you’re ready to hit the ground running when the meeting begins. 

Your board portal must ensure that the meeting is productive, Board book access is intuitive, archives are accessible, meeting actions such as votes can be taken, minutes entered, eSignatures penned, that time is measured to guarantee you have devoted time to strategic deliberations.

Finally, a board portal should ensure your company sees a tangible Return on Investment. That occurs not only through time-savings, printing declines, and labor savings, but also by ensuring your board is more prepared to more informed discussions leading to better governance outcomes. A board portal should facilitate strategic discussions, and move your board away from the operational meetings.

A truly collaborative experience, however, hasn’t come naturally to the board portal space. Wedded to old technology, most platforms were never engineered to take advantage of cloud-first technology. 

Security of

Board Portals

Today’s business environment relies on digital technology to function, which consequently brings great opportunity as well as risk. Business is undertaken more effectively and efficiently but information flows can be intercepted and compromised. The protection of valuable intellectual property and business information in digital form against theft and misuse is an escalating critical management issue, never more so than in the boardroom.

The breach of boardroom security is one of a company’s highest threats and most vulnerable areas. On the one hand, the CEO, Chairman and the full board are the first to receive the most valuable information asset relating to the company – it’s strategic goals, financial position and operational activities – it is information which invariably includes commercially-sensitive details, whether to the company’s competitors or its investors, creating heightened threat levels. On the other hand, the composition of the board – especially boards with non-executive directors (“NEDs”) – is extremely diverse with members in different locations and time zones. This necessitates the use of technology to facilitate dissemination of information and the speed of decision-making necessary to do business, which consequently leads to significant vulnerability.

Companies can significantly improve their own security and help safeguard their most important assets by implementing a board portal. The security of your meeting materials is of paramount importance. Without a board portal your board materials are vulnerable, especially those sent over unencrypted means like email and paper.

Nothing short of the most advanced industry leading security measures are acceptable. Your board portal must include biometric login security, end to end encryption, granular access permission model, salted and stored SHA256 passwords, and multiple data centers.

Board Portal

OnBoard is the only third generation board portal solution. A true multi-device capable mobile platform, collaboration enhancing, highly integrated, meeting productivity tool that puts all these capabilities in the hands of directors with an extremely intuitive, easy to jump in and learn user interface.

It's the only meeting solution that empowers leaders to use technology to make intelligent and informed decidions to achieve their institution's strategic goals. OnBoard makes preparing for and conducting meetings efficient, secure, and collaborative.

And unlike board portals, OnBoard can be test driven with a fee, no strings attached, full feature trial. The leap from print or the first generation of digital to a 3rd generation leader, OnBoard, has never been easier.

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