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OnBoard is a comprehensive and secure board management software that helps you govern more effectively. To have better, more strategic board and leadership meetings. It drives real-time collaboration and helps you accomplish more outside of meetings. Join more than 2,000+ global companies who govern using our platform.

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Boldly Govern From the Boardroom and Beyond

Features & Integrations That Unlock Your Meeting's Potential

A Board Portal Purpose Built For

Leaders That Inspire Others


Chief Executive

CEOs thrive on reliable and timely information. That’s why OnBoard offers any time, instant access to your board. Whether you’re offline or at home, every report, board book, and financial report you’ve ever read is available. 



Designed to be easy and accessible for directors, OnBoard dials down the distractions, so when a meeting is called to order, they are prepared to think about long-term strategy.

Gen Coun

General Counsels

General counsels leverage OnBoard to manage complex risk, analyze dense agreements, and ensure compliance. Helping provide more effective guidance while streamlining reporting and regulatory compliance.

Executive Teams

Executive Teams

OnBoard is valuable for leadership meetings beyond the board room. A platform to manage complex information and improve decisions.



Administrators can organize information and build board books – lightning fast. Everything you do is automatically saved and dynamically updated in real-time. 

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Manage and Execute Work at Every Level of Scale

Key Capabilities That Power Governance

OnBoard’s key capabilities work in concert to enable board professionals to execute their governance responsibilities and accelerate decision-making.

Azure Secured. SOC2 Certified. HIPAA Compliant.

Security You Can Trust

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Designed for Directors & Executives

Loved by Leaders Across the Globe

Board Director

“I am 80-years-old and I love OnBoard. When I meet directors still using paper, I ask, wouldn’t you like to do better? And I think OnBoard is the answer to better.”

Dr. Edward Potter,
Director, Downey Federal Credit Union


“OnBoard would definitely be something that I think a board of any size, any caliber, any shape or form should think about incorporating.”

Beth Bechdol,
CEO, Agrinovus Indiana


“On all the boards I’m involved with that use OnBoard, the directors are much more engaged. It gets you information that’s absolutely accurate and up to the second.”

Gary Lehman,
Trustee, Purdue University

Transformation Starts With a Trusted Team

A Global Network of Partners

Our partners enable us to reach leaders across industries and continents. But actions speak louder than words; that’s why they all trust OnBoard to manage and execute their own governance. 

Susan Robertson,
Susan Robertson,ASAE President & CEO
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"Association boards, committees, and other deliberative bodies need to be able to conduct secure, focused, effective, and productive meetings. They can do that by using OnBoard’s comprehensive suite of secure virtual meetings tools."
Adam Mahone
Adam MahoneVice President, Vendor Relations, ICBA
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“OnBoard puts critical information needed to help run a compliant and profitable organization at the fingertips of community bank directors. The technology is easy to use, highly secure, and helps transform routine operational presentations into strategic working sessions."
Henry Stoever
Henry StoeverPresident & CEO, AGB
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"AGB OnBoard has proven an invaluable digital partner that enables higher education leaders to proactively govern from anywhere and prepare for what's to come in a changing world, especially as they navigate through the Covid-19 crisis."
Ken Knueven,
Ken Knueven,Managing Director, AGB Consulting; Director, AGB OnBoard
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"OnBoard helps you prepare, organize, and run board meetings like never before. The collaborative software provides secure, real-time information for boards to operate strategically and saves tons of time. We partnered with Passageways to leverage their proven, 15+ year track record of working with boards."

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Task Management

Manage, organize, and track your most important action-items. OnBoard Tasks keeps all of your outstanding and completed work organized on the same platform as your board and leadership work. It helps you stay on top of what’s important while keeping things moving forward.