• By: Passageways
  • February 25, 2015
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Enable Touch ID
Lafayette, IN, February 25, 2015 – Passageways, a software provider focused on creating enterprise solutions for employees and board of directors, is pleased to announce the availability of Touch ID for the OnBoard. OnBoard was designed to allow anyone to intuitively create, update, distribute, and review paperless board books, creating seamless technology-driven boardrooms. Today, OnBoard has become easier to use than ever.

Touch ID is an innovative and simple way to securely access Passageways’ OnBoard. Now customers can seamlessly access all board materials from their iPad with only a touch of their finger. Importantly, they still receive the benefit of using their secure board portal.

“The use of Touch ID to access OnBoard with your fingerprint is so convenient and simple. We are excited to enable this technology to facilitate the review of board materials easier and faster” said Ratul Shah, Director of Product Management. “OnBoard is designed to meet the needs of the board of directors to provide smart corporate governance for their organizations.”

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Touch ID for OnBoard is supported on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 with iOS8 or later.




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Passageways builds collaboration software that helps people do meaningful work, from the board of directors through to the team and people who do today’s indispensable work. OnBoard is a board governance solution, designed to improve collaboration for directors and administrators throughout the complete meeting life cycle. OnSemble's an Employee Intranet that connects an entire workplace to one central collaboration hub, builds your culture, and inspires employee engagement.