Business Continuity

Whether you’re recruiting new directors, working on mergers & acquisitions, managing a bankruptcy, or need to hold an emergency board meeting, you need a platform that moves at the speed of business. 

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A Private Security Detail For Your Business

Without a plan and well-organized documents, you risk being caught off-guard when emergencies arise.  That’s why OnBoard helps new directors better understand the organization they lead — all while your mission-critical data is securely accessible and backed-up in case of disaster. 

Meeting Archives

Unlimited File Storage


News & Announcements

Global Data Centers

Global Data Centers

Permission Management

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Audit Trails

Minutes Builder

New Directors

Accelerate New Director Training

New directors have a lot to learn. But that learning curve is accelerated with a complete historical archive of every past meeting, decision, and deliberation of the board. And with open communication channels and a central hub for news, announcements, and board member profiles, new directors feel immediately included in the organization’s culture. The result, directors ready to add value to an organization on day one.

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CEOs & Executives

Leading in Times of Crisis Calls for OnBoard

You need to maintain an open channel of communication with your board in times of crisis. That often means hastily assembling a virtual meeting to effectively communicate updates, offer guidance, and make decisions. What you can’t worry about is whether the technology will work. Rest assured, OnBoard will be there, helping you make informed and deliberate decisions.


Automated Compliance and Data Recovery

OnBoard protects your data from disaster. That’s because along with unlimited storage and files, it’s always backing up your data. All while making it easy to set permissions for every meeting and file; providing background audit reporting and ongoing compliance.

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Meeting Prep
Advanced Meeting Preparation

Build meetings faster and provide better and more reliable information to the board

Data Driven Meetings
Data-Driven Meetings

The data and analytics needed to improve your meetings

effective Meetings
Effective Meetings

Make your meeting focused on strategy discussions instead of operational reviews

Centralzied Coms
Centralized Communication

Replaces Dropbox, text messages, emails, and to-do lists, with a central information hub

Remote Governance
Remote Governance

Accomplish more outside of meetings with video conferencing, eSignatures, and remote voting

Capabilities Icons_Multi Board_Main
Multi-Board & Committees

Unifies board work with one-click access to board materials for every organization you serve

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