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OnBoard combines powerful engineering with clear insights into how real boards work. The result is board software with unrivaled ease of use and versatility.

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OnBoard does it all. Annotate on the fly, from anywhere. Search for any old board book. Need the bylaws? – It's there.


Notes & Annotations

Your review is aided by built-in annotation tools to mark up your book. You can highlight, draw, or even leave yourself a sticky-note. OnBoard helps bring your expertise to bear on every board discussion.



The eSignatures workflow in OnBoard is a fast, streamlined process. Administrators simply upload the document that needs a signature. Directors immediately receive a notification that a signature is pending, and with just one click they sign their name. That’s it.

Complete File Support

Complete File Support

Whether your board needs a complex spread sheet or just to the facts PDF, you can connect any type of file to your board book.

Engagement Analytics Icon 2

Board Meeting Analytics

Engagement Analytics prepares directors to better engage with board materials before meetings. It provides insight into which agenda sections are receiving the most attention and where stakeholders are making significant notes and annotations.

Chat 2

OnBoard Messenger

OnBoard Messenger allows the board to quickly start individual or group conversations to discuss sensitive board work. If you're looking at the financials and need the CFO's expertise, they’re just one tap away. Bring the entire committee or the whole board into the conversation from the OnBoard app or any web browser.

Remote Wipe

The Complete Board Book

Let your curiosity run wild. The OnBoard Board Book is the best place to complete a context-rich review. You can tap any report, any section, and instantly start your review. You can even search the book by your annotations.

offline access

Offline Access

Work online or off. When there’s no internet you can still access all your board materials. Once you’re back on wifi, all your work will instantly sync across your devices.


Multi-Board Support

Directors often sit on more than a single board. OnBoard allows directors to quickly move between organizations.


The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the personalized homepage for every organization. Quickly examine upcoming meetings, with instant one-touch access to supplementary materials and announcements.


Comprehensive Search

Need to find an old board book? Previous minutes? Or just an old note to jog your memory? Search for it.

Timed Meetings

Timed Meetings

The Dashboard is the personalized homepage for every organization. Directors have a single place to access their most pertinent materials. Quickly examining upcoming meetings, instant one-touch access to supplementary materials and announcements.

Every Device

Made for Every Device

Read, review, and annotate your board materials and notes as it suits your work-life style. Anywhere, anytime, and on any device: web app, iPhone, iPad, laptop, Kindle Fire, and Windows Surface. You can also easily vote, secure approvals, answer surveys and questionnaires.

Azure Security

OnBoard offers the gold standard in Cloud Security: Microsoft Azure. Delivering full disaster recovery, & active geo-replication. It's just part of our security first mindset, so you can be sure your board materials are completely private.


Two-Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication, your OnBoard account can only be accessed by verifying your identity using a second method, separate from your password.

face ID

Face ID & Touch ID Login Security

The strongest security available! Never worry about forgetting your password. Simply login Touch ID or Face ID on your iOS device.


Granular Permission Management

Granular access controls allow you to set who has access to board materials and communications. Every item in your board book can be quarantined for those pesky conflicts of interest.

Resource Folder

Unlimited Resource Folders

The annual report, corporate policies, bylaws, corporate charter, and all your key documents are always one click away. Finding exactly what you need is easier than ever.



If an important policy is changed or meeting is rescheduled, communicate with the whole board or individual committees with targeted announcements that are emailed and appear within OnBoard.

Say hello to Director Stan Hanstad

A self described "non-techy." Not only did Stan find OnBoard amazingly intuitive, he brought the paper he's saved as proof of OnBoard's efficacy.

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Task Management

Manage, organize, and track your most important action-items. OnBoard Tasks keeps all of your outstanding and completed work organized on the same platform as your board and leadership work. It helps you stay on top of what’s important while keeping things moving forward.